Sunday, January 31, 2016





"Pride or egoism won't help you." – Sri Sai Satcharitra, Ch. II.



A woman traveled from Philadelphia to New York by train every day.


One day, she was a little late arriving at the station, and managed to board the train just in time.


She found herself in a compartment that seemed virtually empty. Seated in front of her was a heavy-set gentleman – there were just two of them in the compartment.


The man lit a cigar and began to puff.


The woman was annoyed. She hated tobacco smoke; it made her cough. Wishing to show her displeasure, she began to clear her throat and groan loudly. She thought this might make the man put away his cigar. The man continued to puff away at his cigar, lighting a fresh one when the first one was over.


The woman was incensed. She marched up to the face of the stranger and said to him, "Probably you are not aware of it, but there is a smoking car up ahead. Why don't you go in there if you wish to smoke? You cannot smoke in any compartment you occupy: it's an inconvenience to other passenger!"


The man cast a questioning glance at her. Then wordlessly, he stubbed his cigar out, and started to read. A little while later, a conductor entered the compartment. He was startled to see the woman.


"You are not supposed to be seated here, madam," he whispered to her. "This is General Grant's private carriage."


With great respect, he pointed to the heavy-set man who sat in front of her. The lady got up and made a hasty exit. The General did not even glance at her as she left, for he did not wish to embarrass her.