Wednesday, August 5, 2015


                        SADGATI TO A SHE BAFFALO



Baba to Mrs. Jog: You will get a buffalo coming to you. Give it plenty of pooran poli with plenty of ghee.


Mrs. Jog: How am I making out that buffalo?


Baba: It will itself come to your door.


Mrs. Jog: So many buffaloes pass by my door.


Baba: When you finish making the required number of pooran polis, that baffalo which comes to your door is the one.


Mrs. Jog: I have two doors. Northern and southern door.


Baba: It will be at the southern door.


Mrs. Jog finished making pooran poli ready painted with ghee at noon that day. Just then a buffalo was at the southern door. Mrs. Jog placed all the pooran polis before it. The animal ate the whole and fell down dead. Mrs. Jog was in terror afraid of being charged in the next world with sin and in the world of being troubled by the owner or by government. She went to Baba and mentioned the facts and her fear. Baba allayed those fears.


Baba: That she baffallo had exhausted all her vasanas except the desire to eat plenty of pooran polis with ghee and when that desire was satisfied, her vasanas were exhausted and she passed away from the buffalo body. Go home. There is no reason why you should feel worried. You have only released it from this body.




(Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 337)