Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How to create good karma?

How to create good karma?


It is easy for many of us to appreciate the principle of karma and to analyze it in philosophical terms. But we must also learn to cultivate the ability to master the working of karma in our daily lives, so that we create our own good karma. Here are a few principles that may help you in this regard.


Forgive and forget: 

Revenge and retaliation are best left to time. Let us, in the words of Lord's prayer, 'forgive those who trespass against us.' The impulse to take revenge only leads to negative karma. Just remember Baba's words, " It is not good to dispute and argue. So don't argue, don't emulate others. Always consider your interest and welfare. The Lord will protect you" (SSS Ch. X.)


Learn to be responsible for your thoughts, words and actions: 

We must accept the responsibility for all that happens to us. We always practice this perfectly, when good things happen to us. If I stand first in an examination, I am happy to take all the credit. If my business prospers, I attribute it to my hard work and wisdom. But what if I am faced with troubles an difficulties? What, when the going is rough? 

If we continue to 'pass the buck', blame others for our failures and troubles, we only accumulate negative karma. Instead, we must learn to accept the responsibility for our destiny, and sow the seeds of good karma. Here we must remember the words of Baba, who said, "Whatever is bound to happen must happen; even great men have failed, man proposes one way, but God disposes the other way" (SSS Ch 2)


Refrain from causing pain to others: 

As Baba rightly said, "God lives in all beings," (SSS 22), when we harm others, we are paving the way for harming ourselves in the future! We will do well to pause before we act in anger and reflect upon the consequences of our action.


Seek guidance from your spiritual guru: 

Most of us lack the mental and spiritual strength to play the battle of life alone. But wonderful thing is we are not alone! Divine guidance for divine grace is always available to those who seek it. Turn to your guru or a spiritual teacher who'll help you overcome negative karmic patterns. Baba said, " The guide (Guru) will take you straight to your destination, avoiding wolves, tigers and ditches etc., on the way. If there be no guide, there is the danger of your being lost in the jungles or falling into the ditches." (SSS Ch 2)


Do all that you can, to lessen the effect of past karma: 

Not only must we accumulate good karma for the future, we must also rid ourselves of the effect of past karma.

While it is true that we carry upon us the burden of our past karma, the negative effects of the burden can be lessened to a large extent by our good deeds in this life. So continue your good deeds. To reinforce this fundamental principle of karma, Baba advised, "The true remedy is, that the result of past actions has to be suffered and got over. Our Karma is the cause of our happiness and sorrow; therefore put up with whatever comes to you. Allah (God) is the sole Dispenser and Protector, always think of Him. He will take care of you. Surrender to His feet with body, mind, wealth and speech, i.e. completely and then see what He does." (SSS Ch34)


Work towards your own liberation: 

Many of us are apt to imagine that liberation from the bonds of karma, freedom from the cycle of birth and death is not attainable for the likes of us. This is pessimistic attitude. When we set our sights firmly on the goal, we accelerate the pace of our own spiritual evolution. This is achieved through bhakti, seva and sadhana. 

By consciously setting out to uplift ourselves thus, we can accelerate the process of our own karma and get closer to liberation. This statement is further confirmed by Baba as "He destroys the sorrow of many past births and confers great bliss on us; and if He looks at us with grace, our bondage of Karma is immediately snapped away and we are led to happiness. (SSS Ch 47)


Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai !!!