Wednesday, August 26, 2015





Baba (to N G Chandorkar): None cares to take from me what I am prepared to give abundantly. But they want from me what I am unable to give.


Baba once told to N G Chandorkar about Chamatkars, something very interesting. It was about 1901-04. N G Chandorkar's daughter Minatai, at delivery had been helped by Baba with Udhi sent through Gosavi. That child however died very young. She was also widowed at that very early age and had no other issue. This cast a gloom over all the family. N G Chandorkar and family went to Shirdi and sat before Baba glum in sullen silence. Usually whenever he went, Baba would question and he would talk and all would be cheerful. Now on this occasion there was a sad sullen beginning. This continued for some minute. Then Baba broke the ice.


Baba: Why are you so silent?


N G Chandorkar: Baba, you know everything. While we are under your care, these calamities have befallen us; bereaved of child and son-in-law etc.


Baba: If you care for child (or son-in-law) and come to me for that, you are mistaken. You need not come to me for these. These are not in my power. These (i.e., birth of child and death of relatives) are dependent on poorva karma. Even Parameswar, the great God who has created the world cannot alter these. Do you think he can tell the sun or the moon, "Rise some two yards farther from your usual or appointed place." No, he cannot and will not do that. That would produce disorder, chaos.


N G Chandorkar: If that is so, how is it that you tell someone, "You will have a son" and he gets a son and you tell another "You will get appointment" and he gets an appointment. Are these not Chamatkars of yours?


Baba: No, Nana. I do not do any chamatkars. You have astrologers. They work 2 or 3 days ahead and give out their predictions, some of which come true. I look further ahead. What I say happens. My art also is a sort of Astrology. But you people do not understand this. To you, my words look like chamatkars, because you do not know the future. So you regard events as proof of my miracle working power and you turn your reverence on to me. I, in my turn, turn your reverence on to God and see that you are really benefitted.



(Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 371)