Thursday, June 6, 2013

Video Lectures on College Subjects from MIT, Yale, NPTEL, UC Berkeley, Stanford, McGill and many more Universities

Most of the best schools or colleges, in the world are sharing their classroom recorded video lectures through youtube. Some of theses courses are not just video lectures but has assignments, slides, quizzes as well. Universities include MIT, Yale, NPTEL, UC Berkeley, Stanford, McGill and many more. Lecture videos from individuals like Salman Khan of Khan academy , Patrick Dixon are also included. I have made an attempt to collect, organize them subject wise as  Maths, Physics & Chemistry, Computer ScienceElectronics & Electrical Engg, Computer Networks, Signals and SystemsBusiness & ManagementEconomicsMechanical Engg,Civil EnggPhilosophy & PhysiologyAstronomyAnatomy & PhysiologyBiology & Medical SciencesHistory & LawLanguages & LiteratureAll other Courses

Maths, Physics & Chemistry

Computer Science

Electronics & Electrical Engineering

Computer Networking, Signals and Systems

Business & Management


Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Philosophy & Psychology

Anatomy & Physiology

Astronomy & Aerospace

Biology & Medical Science

History & Law

Languages and Literature

Other Courses

Find more college courses from other universities.