Sunday, June 23, 2013

Matrimony Listing for the Week Ended 23/06/2013

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Hindu, Pillai, Saiva Pillai, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Swathi, Tula, 28 yrs, 5'2", 50 kgs, Slim,Wheatish, MCA, Profession - Software Engineer, 2.0 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking for Groom in same caste, 29-32 yrs, Slim, employed at private or government. Profile No.: G062304,
Hindu, Naicker, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Divorced - No issues, Hastham, Kanni, 33 yrs, 5'2", 68 kgs, Fair, BBM, Tiruppur, Looking for Groom in Hindu, any caste, 35-40 yrs, Divorced, No Horoscope match, Tamil, any city in Tamilnadu, Profile No.: G062204,
Hindu, Maruthuvar, Kongu, Tamil, Aswini, Mesham, 35 yrs, 145 cms, 56 kgs, Wheatish, M.Sc., M.Phil., Profession Teacher, 4.5 Lakhs p.a., Tiruppur, Looking for Groom in same caste, 36-38 yrs, 165 cms and above, should be affectionate and hard worker. Profile No.: G061904,
Hindu, Pillai, Tirunelveli Saiva Pillai, Tamil, Puram, Simham, Chevva Dosam, 25 yrs, 160 cms, 47 kgs, Very Fair, M.Sc., Computer Science, Profession - E-Book, Tirunelveli, Looking Grooms in same caste, 27-31 yrs, 165 cms, Tamil, B.E., or Master Degree, Profile No.: G061703, 
 Hindu, Sozhia Vellalar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Uthram, Simham, 24 yrs, 158 cms, 55 kgs, Very fair, M.B.B.S., Profession - Doctor in Private Hospital, 4 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking Groom in same caste, age 26-30 yrs, 160-170 cms, Tamil, within Tamilnadu, BE, ME, MCA, or MBBS, middle class family with good habits, good family background. Profile No.: G061702, 
Hindu, Kongu Vellalar Gounder, Tamil, Swathi, Tula, Chevva Dosam, 22 yrs, 5'2", 48 kgs, Fair, B.E., Computer Science, Profession Software Engineer, Coimbatore, Looking for Groom in same caste, age 24-28, Chevva Dosam, B.E., and above, software profession, from good family background and disciplined family.  Profile No.:G061303C
 Hindu, Mudaliar, Thondaimandala, Tamil, 52 yrs, 5'0", 70 kgs, Diploma in Commercial Practice, Chennai, Looking for Groom, 52 yrs and above, well settled, Religion/Caste/Horoscope no bar, good human beingProfile No.: G061201
Hindu, Agamudiar, Siva Gothram, Tamil, Uthradam, Makara, 23 yrs, 5'0", 50 kgs, slim, fair, MCA, Coimbatore, Looking for Groom age between 25-29 yrs, 5'4" to 6'0", in same religion and caste, vegetarian, any P.G. Degree, Profession Government Service, Good Character, Profile No.:G060902
Hindu, Devanga, Telugu, Mandilya Maharishi, Makam, Simham, 41 yrs, 152 cms, 63 kgs, slim, PG degree, Profession Lecturer, Coimbatore, Looking for Groom at 45-50 yrs, any Hindu, education well qualified, decent profession, Profile No.: G060402
Hindu, Pillai, Vellalar, 27 yrs,5' 6", 60 kgs, Fair, Tamil, Anusham, Vrichigam, BE, SAP Functional Consultant, Chennai, looking for groom from same caste, education BE, ME, MBA, Working for I.T in Coimbatore/Chennai/Bangalore, Profile No.: G060204
Hindu, Naidu, Janakala, Telugu, Aswini, 28 yrs, 157 cms, 50 kgs, MBA, MPhil, Coimbatore, Looking Groom from same caste, good job and education, Profile No.: G060203
Hindu, Devanga, Telugu, 25 yrs, 5'4", 40 kgs, slim, Chithirai, Tula, B.Tech (I.T), Working as Testing Engineer, looking for educated with good job in same community. Profile No. G060101
Hindu, Brahmin - Iyers, 26, 142 cms, 48 Kgs, Fair, MS, Biological Sciences, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, English, Bangalore, Naidrupa Kashyapa, Mrigashiras, Looking for Mature, Post graduate, preferably in the USA. Profile No. G050201,  

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Hindu, Kongu Vellala Gounder, Tamil, Puratathi, Kumba, 36 yrs, 175 cms, 65 kgs, Fair, DME, BCA, Profession - Buying Office, Tirupur, 5.0 Lakhs p.a., Looking for Bride in same caste, above 30 yrs, Horoscope no bar, +2 Hr Sec or Degree, good bride. Profile No.: B062306,
Hindu, Adi Dravidar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Waiting Divorce, Aswini, Rishabam, 28 yrs, 170 cms, 60 kgs, Wheatish, B.Sc., Profession - Tamilnadu Police, 3.0 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking for Bride in Hindu, any caste, 22-25 yrs, widow, Tamil, any city, Profile No.: B062305,
Hindu, Baligia Naidu, Gothram - Bala, Telugu, Puratathi, Kumba, 29 yrs, 5'7", 78 kgs, MBA, B.Com, ICWA Inter, CIMA, Profession - Business Associate, 8.0 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking for Bride in same caste, 24-28 yrs, any city in Tamilnadu, UG/PG education, Kind and homely. Profile No.: B062303,
Hindu, Kongu Vellala Gounder, Gothram - Semban Kootam, Tamil, Krithigai, Rishabam,  Chevva Dosam, 33 yrs, 5'9", 60 kgs, Fair, +2 Hr. Sec., Profession - Owner of Travel Business, 4.0 Laks p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 22-32 yrs, Horoscope no bar, Chevva dosam, Tamil, any city in Tamilnadu, a girl with good nature. Profile No.: B062302,
Hindu, Parkavakulam, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, N.R.I., Hastham, Horoscope no bar, 36 yrs, 163 cms, 61 kgs, Fair, M.Sc., M.Phil., Profession - Retail industry in U.K., 12,000 British Pounds p.a., ( Rs. 11 Lakhs), Living in Oxfordshire, U.K., Looking for Bride in Hindu, any caste, 25-33 yrs, 157 cms, Tamil, from Tamil cultured families. Profile No.: B062301,
Hindu, Semba Kulam, Kurumapalayam, Tamil, Sadayam, Kumba, 41 yrs, 161 cms, Fair, SSLC, Agriculturist with own farm land 4.5 acres, Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, +2 Hr. Sec Education, Fair. Profile No.: B062203,
Hindu, Brahmin, Iyer, Gothram - Kashiba, Tamil, Aittam, Kumba, 38 yrs, 5'0", Slim, Fair, Education B.Sc., Chemistry, Profession - Lab Assistant in Hr. Sec. School, Madurai, 1.56 Lakhs p.a., Looking for Bride in same caste. Profile No.: B062202,
Hindu, Brahmin, Kousigam, Tamil, Makaram, Simham, 33 yrs, 175 cms, 60 kgs, Fair, Education: Engineering, Profession in Mining Industry, 3.5 Lakhs p.a., Tirunelveli, Looking for Bride in same caste, age below 32 yrs, Profile No.: B062201,
Hindu, Nadar, Tamil, Madurai, Anusham, Vrichigam, 29 yrs, 8th Std, Goods Van Owner/Driver, 1.44 Lakhs p.a., Looking for Bride. Profile No.: B062101,
Hindu, Sozhia Vellalar Pillai, Gothram - Siva, Puradam, Dhanus, 30 yrs, 5'5", 60 kgs, B.Sc., Profession - Project Manager, GSS Infotech America, Hyderabad, 6.7 Lakhs p.a., Secunderabad, Looking bride in Pillai/Mudaliar, 5'0"-5'4", any city in Tamilnadu, any UG degree, working woman, Respective, homely with Hindi knowledge. Profile No.: B062001
 Hindu, Gavra, Gothram - Bala, Telugu, Hastham, Kanni, 31 yrs, 5'6", 60 kgs, Wheatish, +2 Hr Sec., Profession - Technical Supervisor, 2.0 Lakhs p.a., Virudhunagar, Looking for Bride in same caste, 23-25 yrs, no expectations. Profile No.: B061903
Hindu, Mudaliar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Ayilyam, Katagam, 27 yrs, 5'6", 58 kgs, Divorced, Wheatiesh, 10th Std, Certified Honda Technician, 2.0 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking for Bride in Mudaliar or Naicker, 20-24 yrs, 5'0" - 5'2", any city in Tamilnadu, less than higher secondary, good character with adjustable mind, a flower in our garden family. Profile No.: B061902,
Hindu, Kallar, Ambalam, Gothram - Siva, Sadayam, Kumba, 37 yrs, 5'7", 69 kgs, Fair, Diploma, Profession - Assistant Director in Film Industry, 2.5 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking for Bride in same caste, 27-33 yrs, 4'6" to 5'6", Tamil, Education +2 or UG, Honest and Lovable person. Profile No.: B061901, 
 Hindu, Brahmin, Iyengar, Bharadwajam, Tamil, Sadayam, Kumba, 37 yrs, 5'5", 52 kgs, Diploma, Profession Stores Incharge, Chennai, Looking for Bride in any Brahmin community, 30-35 yrs, Tamil/Telugu/Kannada, Simple marriage. Profile No.: B061804
Hindu, Pillai, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Bharani, Mesham, 38 yrs, 5'9", 79 kgs, Fair, B.Sc., Profession Business, 4.0 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 27-33 yrs, 5'0", any Degree. Profile No.: B061803
Hindu, Kongu, Chettiar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Thiruvadirai, Mithunam, 29 yrs, 5'8", 70 kgs, Diploma, Profession Mobile Business, 5.0 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 23-26 yrs, Physically Challenged, 5'0", any UG, Homely girl. Profile No.: B061802,  
Christian, CSI, Nadar, Tamil, 30 yrs, 171 cms, 75 kgs, Fair, Education B.Com, Professional, 3.0 Lakhs p.a., Udumalpet, Looking for Bride in same caste, 23-28 yrs, 155-170 cmsProfile No.: B061801
 Hindu, Karuneegar, Gothram - Kabial Maharishi, Tamil, Punarpoosam, Mithunam, 34 yrs, 5'5", 62 kgs, Very Fair, B.A., Profession - Govt of Tamilnadu Undertaking, Chennai, Looking Bride in same caste, 27-32 yrs, 5'2", SSLC/+2, Family Girl. Profile No.: B061707
 Hindu, Gounder, Gothram - Kadai, Tamil, Thiruvonam, Makara, Chevva Dosam, 29 yrs, 5'7", 78 kgs, Fair, B.Com., Profession Company Manager, Tiruppur, Looking Bride in same caste, 21-28 yrs, Chevva Dosam, Tamil, Expectations Nil, Profile No.: B061706
 Hindu, Thoraiyar, Kannada Naicker, Gothram - Siva, Kannada/Tamil, Mrigasirisham, Rishabam, 34 yrs, 5'2", 55 kgs, B.Com., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 25-30 yrs, 4'4"-5'1", Kannada/Tamil, Any Degree or School final, simple, good character, best home maker. Profile No.:B061705,
 Hindu, Thoraiyar, Kannada Naicker, Gothram - Vainava, Tamil/Kannada, Puradam, Dhanus, Chevva Dosam, 29 yrs, 165 cms, 65 kgs, Fair, MCA, Profession - Project Engineer, WIPRO Bangalore, 3.0 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 25-27 yrs, 157-160 cms, Chevva Dosam, Kannada/Tamil, Coimbatore, Any Degree, Software Engineer, Profile No.B061704
Hindu, Brahmin, Iyer, Gothram - Garga, Tamil, Uthram, Simham, 36 yrs, 5'4", 70 kgs, Fair, B.Com., DCA, Profession - Own BPO Services, 3.0 Lakhs p.a., Bangalore, Looking for Bride in any Brahmin, 31-35 yrs, 5'0"-5'3", Tamil, any city,  literate, sociable and good habits. Profile No.:B061701
 Hindu, Parkavakulam Nathaman, Udaiyar, Tamil, Uthradam, Makara, 35 yrs, 164 cms, 65 kgs, Fair, DME, Profession Jewelry, Gold Loan Business, Trichy, Dalmiapuram, Looking Bride in same caste, 27-32 yrs, 152-162 cms, Tamil, anywhere in Tamilnadu, any degree, Good family background.  Profile No.:B061605
 Hindu, Arunthathiyar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Mrigasirisham, Mithunam, Chevva Dosam, 28 yrs, 162 cms, B.E., Profession - Site Engineer, 3 Lakh p.a., Chennai, Looking for Bride in Arunthathiyar/Reddy Telugu, 22-26 yrs, 160 cms, BE/MBA/MSc, fair. Profile No.: B061604
Hindu, 24 Manai Telugu Chettiar, 8 Veedu, Kasuri Koraikar Kulam, Gothram - Maharam, Tamil, Thiruvonam, Makara, Chevva Dosam, 33 yrs, 5'1", 75 kgs, Slim, Fair, B.A., Diploma, Profession Assistant Manager, 3.0 Lakhs p.a., Tiruppur, Looking for Bride age 25-30 yrs, 5'0", Hindu. Profile No.: B061603, 
 Hindu, Vanniyar, Vanniya Kula Kshatriyar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Thiruvadirai, Mithunam, 25 yrs, 178 cms, 60 kgs, Athletic, Fair, B.E., (Marine Engg), Profession 4th Engineer, Maersk, Denmark, 17 Lakhs p.a, Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, age 19 - 23 yrs, any degree, fair, calm and adjustable. Profile No.: B061602, 
Muslim, Rowther, Lebbai, Tamil, Widower, NRI in Dubai, 55 yrs, 5'8", 94 Kgs, Wheatish, Earning 21.6 Lakhs p.a., Looking for Bride in Muslim, any widow or divorcee age between 38 - 45, 5'5", no children, in India or United Arab Emirates, having good manners and habits, tender with love, to live in peace of mind, recites Holy Quran and Prays regularly. Profile No.: B061601
Hindu, Pandiya Vellalar, Poosam, Katagam, Mana Madurai, 26 yrs, 172 cms, 74 kgs, B.Sc., MCA, Profession Assistant Engineer in Infosys, Chennai, Looking for Bride in same caste, any degree, soft natured, family adjustable good character. Profile No.: B061505
 Hindu, Iyer, Brahmin, Vadamal, Koundinyam, Nakshatra Puram, 41 yrs, Profession Computer Operator, Chennai Looking for Bride in same caste, sub sects acceptable, simple marriage, Profile No.: B061504
 Hindu, Brahmin, Iyer, Vadamal, Kaundinyam, Tamil, Thiruvonam, 39 yrs, B.Com., MBM, Profession in Shares and Stock, Secunderabad, Looking for Bride in same caste. Profile No.: B061503
 Hindu, Chozhia Vellalar, Uthratadhi, Meena, Tamil, 34 yrs, 165 cms, B.A., DEE., DBM, Profession SBI ATM Field Officer, Tiruppur, Looking Bride in same caste, educated, cultured, educated good character girl, Profile No.: B061502
Hindu, Naidu, Gowra, Telugu, Gothram - Bala, Sadayam, Kumba, 33 yrs, 5'11". 67 kgs, Athletic, Fair, MBA, Profession Administrator in Educational Institution, Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in Hindu any Naidu community, age 25-30 yrs, 5'0"-6'0", Horoscope no bar, supporting and good partner. Profile No.:B061501,
 Hindu, Reddy, Ganjam, Gothram-Vishnu, Tamil & Telugu, Uthradam, Dhanus, 32 yrs, 165 cms, 70 kgs, B.E., Civil, Profession Assistant Engineer, National Highways, Aruppukottai, Looking for Bride in same caste, age 23-28, 150-163 cms, any degree UG, PG, BE, ME, good looking, good habits and lovable family. Profile No.: B061302,
 Hindu, Sengunthar, Gothram Siva, Tamil, Makam, Simham, 30 yrs, 5'6". 70 kgs, M.Tech, Profession Assistant Professor, Kanchipuram, Looking for Bride in same caste, age 21-28, 5'5", M.E., or M.Tech, Traditional, adjustable and social. Profile No.B061301
Hindu, Thevar, Agamudayar, Mukkulathor, Cast no bar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Rohini, Rishabam, 52 yrs, 178 cms, 65 kgs, B.Tech, M.Sc., M.Phil, Profession Head of Dept., Textile Processing in Polytechnic College, Business in Chemical, Power and water related fields, Komarapalayam, Looking for Bride age between 30-40 yrs, 150-180 cms, in Hindu, any caste or Thevar, with UG/PG education, no expectations, need to be social and compassionate. Profile N0.: B061204
Hindu, Vokkaliga Gowder, Tamil, Kannada, Krithigai, Mesham, 36 yrs, 160 cms, 58 kgs, B.Com., Real Estate, Auto Consultant, Divorced, living in Coimbatore Looking for Bride in Vokkaliga, Naidu, Mudaliar, Chettiar, Vellala gounder, Nair, age 26 and above, 150 cms, Tamil/ Kannadam/ Malayalam, around Coimbatore/ Erode/ Trichy/ Maduarai/ Palani/ Ooty, Kotagiri, Tirupur or Kerala adjustable and responsible family. Profile No.: B061203
Hindu, Mudaliar, Thondaimandala, Tamil, 50 yrs, 5'9", 70 kgs, slim, fair, graduate education, working in Central Government office at Chennai, Looking for Bride between 35-52 yrs, 5-6 ft, good natured, adjustable and jovial. Profile No.: B061202
 Hindu, Thevar, Agamudaiyar, Siva - Gothram, Tamil, Krithigai, Mesham, 44 yrs, 5'10", 76 Kgs, Widower, fair, Profession Manager in Pvt company, Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste age between 35 - 41, 4'3" - 5'5", widow with good habits, Profile No.: B061101,
Hindu, Gurukkal, Kasiba Gothram, Vishakam, Tamil, 33 yrs, 5'2", 55 kgs, fair, Kudavasal, Looking Bride in same caste, good lookingProfile No.: B060904,
Hindu, Yadava, Konar, Vishnu Gothram, Tamil, Rohini, Rishabam, Chevva Dosam, 24 yrs, 5'11", 64 kgs, slim. fair, B.E., (ECE), Profession Software Engineer in MNC, Coimbatore, Looking Bride in same caste, 21-24 yrs, 5'4" to 5'7", Chevva Dosam, from Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Trichy, Chennai, Software Engineer or Lecturer, smart good looking, fair, adjustable with elders, Profile No.: B060903, 
 Hindu, Thevar, Sivan Gothram, Tamil, Ayilyam, Katagam, 34 yrs, 5'0", 73 kgs, fair, Profession Real Estate, Coimbatore, Looking bride in Thevar/Gounder/Pillai communities,Profile No.B060901,
Hindu, Viswakarma, Kammalar, Tamil, Aswini, Mesham, Chevva Dosham, 28 yrs, 163 cms, 60 kgs, slim, fair, B.E., Software Engineer/TCS, Chennai Looking Bride in same caste, 24-26 yrs, 157 - 163 cms, Chevva Dosham, Poosam/Punarpoosam, B.E., P.G., any job, slim and soft nature, Profile No.: 060801
Hindu, Naidu, Gavra, Tamil, 35 yrs, 172 cms, 62 kgs, M.Sc., Profession Manager, Coimbatore, Looking for Bride age 26-32, 145-165 cms, Hindu, caste no bar, understanding, broadminded. Profile No.:B060502 
Hindu, Kongu vella Gounder, Kannan Kulam, Tamil, Mrigasirisham, Rishabam, 33 yrs, 5'8", 60 kgs, Divorced, No Issues, Wheatish, M.Sc., Profession Textiles Business, Coimbatore, Looking for Bride from 25-32 age, Divorced, 5'2" to 5'7" in the same caste, from Coimbatore or Erode, Pollachi, PG education, home loving, God fearing, and good manners. Profile No.: B060501,  
Hindu, Malayalam, Viswakarma, Carpenter, Sanabanarishi, Chithirai, Tula, 43 yrs, Chevvai Dosam, 5'5". 38 kgs, fair, SSLC, Profession Prohithar, Coimbatore, Looking for bride in same community, age 30-39, with Chevva Dosam, Malayalam or Tamil, SSLC education, from good Malayali family. Profile No.:B060401,
Hindu, Kongu - Gounder, Siva, Rohini, Rishabam, 33 yrs, 5'7", 65 kgs, Profession Film industry, Chennai, Looking for Bride in Hindu, Caste no bar, any degree, lovable charater, Profile No.: B060304
Hindu, Vanniyar, Arasu Padyachi Gounder, Tamil, Kanni, 29 yrs, 169 cms, 75 kgs, education BBM, (MBA), Profession Accountant, Erode, Looking for Bride, Hindu, caste no bar, education degree or PG, good family, Profile No. B060303
Hindu, Brahmin, Vadamal, Srivatsa, Tamil, Uthradam, Dhanus, 35 yrs, 164 cms, 58 kgs, slim, profession own business, Madurai, Looking for bride age 30 to 34, in same caste, education below plus two, no expectation and decent marriage. Profile No.: B060302,  
Hindu, Parayan, Kettai, Vrichigam, 28 yrs, 5'7", 60 kgs, Education MSW, Profession Customs Import/Export, Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in Hindu, caste no bar, UG or PG working as teacher or accounts field, Profile No.: B060301,  
Hindu, Mudaliar, Kaikola, Siva, Tamil, Avittam, Makara, 26 yrs, 177 cms, 72 kgs, fair, BE, ME, Project Engineer, Looking bride in same community, education BE, ME, MBA, B.Tech, fair complexion and good family. Profile No.: B060208
Hindu, Mudhaliar, Sengunthar, Siva, Tamil, 30 yrs, 5'0", 51 Kgs, Slim, Fair, Puradam, Dhanus, B.Com, Banking profession, Kanchipuram, Looking Bride in same caste, working. Profile No.: B060207
Hindu, Brahmin, Iyengar - Vadakalai, Bharadhwaja, Tamil, Mrigasirisham, Mithunam, 6'0", 68 kgs, MBA, Team Lead in International Bank, Chennai, Looking bride in same caste (Kalai no bar) education UG, working. Profile No.: B060206
Hindu, Vokkaliga Gowda, Emmenavar, Tamil, Bharani, Mesham, 31 yrs, 165 cms, 53 kgs, slim, HDSE, Software Programmer, Tiruppur, looking for bride at same caste, poor family background. Profile No.:B060205
Hindu, Arya vaishiyal, Divorced, Re-marriage, 34 yrs, 5' 8", 85 kgs, Chettiar, Gothram-Nabila, Telugu, Krithigai, Mesham, B.A, Own Business, Chennai, Looking for 25-30 yrs, 5' 5", same caste, divorced bride, Profile No.: B060202
Hindu, Malayalam Nair, Divorced, Re-marriage, 38 yrs, Thiruvadirai, Mithunam, 165 cms, 63 kgs, fair, Diploma, Udumalpet, looking widow, Malayali, Nair, at Palakkad. Profile No.: B060201
Hindu, Brahmin, 37, 5'6" , 85 kgs, Wheatish,D.M.E , Mettupalayam, Running a Small scale industry, Rs. 30,000/ pm, Kavundinya Gothram, Tamil, Avittam, Makara, Looking for a bride from age between 30 to 34, from a good decent family, Profile No. B051701