Sunday, June 30, 2013

Matrimonial listing for the week ended 30/06/2013

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Hindu, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D, 5'5", Madurai, 30 yrs, Further details requested,  E-Mail id: meena lochani, Contact Number 9965386289, 0452-2459574 Looking for Groom. Profile No.: G062601,

Hindu, Pillai, Tamil, Chithirai, Kanni, Divorced, No Issues, 24 yrs, 155 cms, 50 kgs, Slim, Fair, MBA, Working Professional, 1.0 Lakh p.a., Sivakasi, Looking for Groom in same caste, below 32 yrs, any marital status, 160-170 cms, Tamil, Coimbatore, any degree, profession or business, 1.8 Lakhs p.a., Good Character. Profile No.: G062505,

Hindu, Vaniya Chettiar, Tamil, Mrigasirisham, Rishabam, B.Com, Theni, Looking for Groom in same caste, in Tamilnadu, government employed with good charactor. Profile No.: G062407,

Hindu, Nadar, Tamil, Moolam, Dhanus, 27 yrs, 4'2", 52 kgs, Fair, B.A., W0rking in private company, 1.0 Lakh p.a., Madurai, Looking Groom in same caste, 28-33 yrs, 5.0 to 5.5 ft, Tamil, living in Madurai, Dindugul, Virudhunagar or Sivakasi, understanding and adjustable character. Profile No.: G062404,

Hindu, Pillai, Saiva Pillai, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Swathi, Tula, 28 yrs, 5'2", 50 kgs, Slim,Wheatish, MCA, Profession - Software Engineer, 2.0 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking for Groom in same caste, 29-32 yrs, Slim, employed at private or government. Profile No.: G062304,

Hindu, Naicker, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Divorced - No issues, Hastham, Kanni, 33 yrs, 5'2", 68 kgs, Fair, BBM, Tiruppur, Looking for Groom in Hindu, any caste, 35-40 yrs, Divorced, No Horoscope match, Tamil, any city in Tamilnadu, Profile No.: G062204,

Hindu, Maruthuvar, Kongu, Tamil, Aswini, Mesham, 35 yrs, 145 cms, 56 kgs, Wheatish, M.Sc., M.Phil., Profession Teacher, 4.5 Lakhs p.a., Tiruppur, Looking for Groom in same caste, 36-38 yrs, 165 cms and above, should be affectionate and hard worker. Profile No.: G061904,

Hindu, Pillai, Tirunelveli Saiva Pillai, Tamil, Puram, Simham, Chevva Dosam, 25 yrs, 160 cms, 47 kgs, Very Fair, M.Sc., Computer Science, Profession - E-Book, Tirunelveli, Looking Grooms in same caste, 27-31 yrs, 165 cms, Tamil, B.E., or Master Degree, Profile No.: G061703, 

 Hindu, Sozhia Vellalar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Uthram, Simham, 24 yrs, 158 cms, 55 kgs, Very fair, M.B.B.S., Profession - Doctor in Private Hospital, 4 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking Groom in same caste, age 26-30 yrs, 160-170 cms, Tamil, within Tamilnadu, BE, ME, MCA, or MBBS, middle class family with good habits, good family background. Profile No.: G061702, 

Hindu, Kongu Vellalar Gounder, Tamil, Swathi, Tula, Chevva Dosam, 22 yrs, 5'2", 48 kgs, Fair, B.E., Computer Science, Profession Software Engineer, Coimbatore, Looking for Groom in same caste, age 24-28, Chevva Dosam, B.E., and above, software profession, from good family background and disciplined family.  Profile No.:G061303C

 Hindu, Mudaliar, Thondaimandala, Tamil, 52 yrs, 5'0", 70 kgs, Diploma in Commercial Practice, Chennai, Looking for Groom, 52 yrs and above, well settled, Religion/Caste/Horoscope no bar, good human beingProfile No.: G061201

Hindu, Agamudiar, Siva Gothram, Tamil, Uthradam, Makara, 23 yrs, 5'0", 50 kgs, slim, fair, MCA, Coimbatore, Looking for Groom age between 25-29 yrs, 5'4" to 6'0", in same religion and caste, vegetarian, any P.G. Degree, Profession Government Service, Good Character, Profile No.:G060902

Hindu, Devanga, Telugu, Mandilya Maharishi, Makam, Simham, 41 yrs, 152 cms, 63 kgs, slim, PG degree, Profession Lecturer, Coimbatore, Looking for Groom at 45-50 yrs, any Hindu, education well qualified, decent profession, Profile No.: G060402

Hindu, Pillai, Vellalar, 27 yrs,5' 6", 60 kgs, Fair, Tamil, Anusham, Vrichigam, BE, SAP Functional Consultant, Chennai, looking for groom from same caste, education BE, ME, MBA, Working for I.T in Coimbatore/Chennai/Bangalore, Profile No.: G060204

Hindu, Naidu, Janakala, Telugu, Aswini, 28 yrs, 157 cms, 50 kgs, MBA, MPhil, Coimbatore, Looking Groom from same caste, good job and education, Profile No.: G060203

Hindu, Devanga, Telugu, 25 yrs, 5'4", 40 kgs, slim, Chithirai, Tula, B.Tech (I.T), Working as Testing Engineer, looking for educated with good job in same community. Profile No. G060101

Hindu, Brahmin - Iyers, 26, 142 cms, 48 Kgs, Fair, MS, Biological Sciences, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, English, Bangalore, Naidrupa Kashyapa, Mrigashiras, Looking for Mature, Post graduate, preferably in the USA. Profile No. G050201,  




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Hindu, Reddy, Caste no bar, Tamil, Telugu, Puratathi, Kumba, 29 yrs, 174 cms, 73 kgs, B.E., MBA, Business Analyst in MNC, Chennai, 5.4 Lakhs p.a., Looking for Bride caste no bar, 23-28 yrs, 155-173, Horoscope no bar, any city in India, should be nice looking and nice character. Profile No.: B063001, 

Hindu, Arunthathiar, Tamil, Swathi, Tula, 32 yrs, 165 cms, 60 Kgs, Slim, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D, 1.0 Lakh p.a., Madurai, Looking for Bride in same caste, 27 yrs, 168 cms, Tamil, Living anywhere, M.A., B.Ed, M.Sc.,  Prodession in education field only,  Profile No.: B062902, 

Hindu, Caste no bar, Reddy, Telugu, Tamil, Horoscope no bar, 35 yrs, 5'9", 70 kgs, B.Com,. Assistant Director in Tamil Film Industry, 1.5 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking for bride in Hindu, Caste no bar, 28 yrs, 5'5", Horoscope no bar, Mother Tongue Any, City living Any, Education/Profession - Doesn't matter, Expectations - Doesn't matter. Profile No.: B062901,

Caste and Religion No Bar, Gothram - Siva, Punarpoosam, Katagam, Horoscope No Bar, 29 yrs, 166 cms, 70 kgs, Fair, MCA, M.Tech, Profession - Software, 1.2 Lakhs p.a., Namakkal, Chennai, Looking for Bride in any caste (except Adhi Dravida), 24-30 yrs, 155-170 cms, Tamil, Telugu, Broadminded girl without caste religion feeling. Profile No.: B062806,

Hindu, Brahmin - Brahacharanam, Githram - Kashyap, Tamil, Uthratadhi, Meena, 38 yrs, 175 cms, 62 kgs, Horoscope no bar, B.Com, Manager in Private company, 4.8 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking for Bride in Brahmin, sub caste no bar, Horoscope no bar, Educated and adjustable. Profile No.: B062805,

Hindu, Devendra Kula Vellalar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Ayilyam, Katagam, 30 yrs, 5'7", 63 kgs, Wheatish, BE, ME, MBA, Assistant Professor, 2.8 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 23-27  yrs, 5'3"-5'6", Tamil, BE., ME., Teaching/Lecturer, Good girl in teaching or banking professional. Profile No.: B062804,

Hindu, Pillai, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Uthradam, Dhanus, 29 yrs, 169 cms, 75 kgs, Wheatish, B.A., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 20-28 yrs, 160-165 cms, any city, any degree, Profile No.:B062803

Hindu, Kongu Vellala Gounder, Gothram - Adhi Kootam, Tamil, Chithirai, Tula, Horoscope no bar, 37 yrs, 165 cms, 60 kgs, Wheatish, B.Com., Accountant, 1 Lakh pa.a., Avinashi, Looking for Bride in same caste, 27-35 yrs, 160 cms, Tamil, any city in Tamilnadu, Adjustable and good habit female. Profile No.:B062802,

Hindu, Kongu Vellala Gounder, Ponna Kulam, Tamil, Mrigasirisham, Mithunam, 42 yrs, 170 cms, 68 kgs, +2 Hr. Secondary, Gas Agency Incharge, Pollachi, 2.0 Lakhs p.a., Looking for Bride in same caste, 30-33 yrs, 5'0"-5'6", Tamil, within 50 kms radius, SSLC, Family oriented, respecting elders, good character girl. Profile No.: B062801,

Hindu, Boyer, Gothram - Aba Moongar, Telugu, Rohini, Rishabam, 34 yrs, 5'5", 70 kgs, Fair, B.A., Textile Business, 2.0 Lakhs p.a., Tiruppur, Looking for Bride in same caste, 27-32 yrs, Horoscope no bar, any mother tongue, Living in any city. Profile No.: B062702,

Hindu, Brahmin, Sadhavarsham, Tamil, Thiruvonam, Makara, 32 yrs, 5'4", 72 kgs, Fair, B.Com, Marketing Manager, 3.0 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 4'5"-5'4", Tamil, Malayalam, any city, Only requirement is to make home happy. Profile No.: B062701,

Hindu, Devanga, Kannada, Gothram - Manmadha Maharishi, Tamil, Kannadam, Puratathi, Kumba, Widower, SSLC, Textile Export Business, 3.0 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore/Colombo, Looking for Bride in Hindu, any caste, any marital status, 4'6" - 5'0", Living in any City in Tamilnadu, Tamil/Kannada/Telugu, SSLC, Family oriented, adjustable, fair lady. Profile No.: B062603,

Hindu, Viswakarma, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Uthratadhi, Meena, 29 yrs, 5'8", 78 kgs, E-MBA, MAJM, Profession in Media, 2 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking Bride in Hindu, any caste, 20-28 yrs, 5'0", Tamil, any city except Chennai, any degree, No Expectation. Profile No.: B062602,

Hindu, Achaari, Telugu, Appojala vaarlu, Chithirai, Tula, 30 yrs, B.Com., Accountant in private company, 2.4 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, any degree, software professional preferred, Profile No.: B062504,

Hindu, Naidu, Sadayam, Kumba, Own Business, Tambaram, Chennai, 29 yrs, having own house and farm land, Looking for Bride. For further details contact 9092318113, 9566840264. Profile No.: B062503,

Christian, Adi Dravida, Rohini, Rishabam, Horoscope Match, Tamil, Divorced, No issues,  35 yrs, 168 cms, 68 kgs, M.Sc., B.Ed., D.T.Ed., Profession - B.T. Assistant, Valparai, 5.0 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking Bride in same caste, 28-32 yrs, 155-160 cms, Tamil, any degree with B.Ed., Government Teacher, Family oriented girl with adjustable charactor. Profile No.: B062502,

Hindu, Brahmin, Bharatwaja, Tamil, Thiruvonam, Makara, 33 yrs, 152 cms, 55 kgs, Very fair, ITI, Archagar, Kallidaikuichi, Horoscope no bar, Looking for Bride in same caste, 25-32 yrs, below 152 cms, Tamil, a good family girl. Profile No.: B062501,

Christian, Catholic, Malayalam, Syro Malabar, 32 yrs, 167 cms, 71 kgs, Divorced, Athletic, Very fair, Hr. Sec., Profession - Business, 4.0 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in Christian, 25-31 yrs, Marital status - Any, Malayalam, Education - any, Simple, Beautiful, Loving and Supportive. Profile No.:B062409,

Hindu, Mudaliar, Sengunthar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Avittam, Kumbha, 32 yrs, 5'11", 70 kgs, Very fair, B.A., C.A (incomplete) PGDCA, NCFM, Profession - Branch Incharge, 4.8 Lakhs, Chennai, Looking for Bride in same caste, 24-30 yrs, 5'0" - 5'6", Tamil, any city in Tamilnadu, Good looking, good family background, +2 Hr. Sec to any Diploma, Degree. Profile No.: B062408,

Hindu, Vannar, Tamil, Widowed, 43 yrs, 5'10", Tiles Mason, 1.5 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in Hindu, any caste, 30-32 yrs, widow, Horoscope no bar, Tamilnadu. Profile No.: B062406,

Hindu, Naidu, Gavara, Gothram - Vishnu, Tamil, Puram, Simham, 29 yrs, 5'8", 70 kgs, Slim, Fair, B.Sc., DIT, MCA, Profession - DBA / Software / Bank of America, 9.0 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking Bride in any Naidu caste, 23-27 yrs, 5'2" - 5'8", Tamil or Telugu, in Tamilnadu, any degree, good looking and respectful to elders. Profile No.: B062405,

Hindu, Viswakarma, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Puradam, Dhanus, 34 yrs, 5'9", 66 kgs, Fair, DEEE, Profession - Maintenance Engineer, Chennai. Looking for Bride in any Viswakarma caste, 28 to 30 yrs, 4.6 to 5.8 ft, Tamil, any city, Indian cultured girl. Profile No.: B062403,

Hindu, Adi Dravidar, Sangu Parayar, Tamil, Waiting Divorce, No Issues, 36 yrs, 109 cms, 38 kgs, Slim, Wheatish, Physically Challenged, MCA,  MTS in ESI Corporation, Pollachi, 1.8 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for bride in any religion and caste, 18-30 yrs, above 145 cms, Horoscope no bar,  any city, SSLC, Cute and calm, Faith in God. Profile No.: B062402,

Hindu, Vanniyar, Chettiar, Gothram - Kutumutaian Makaarichi, Tamil, Makam, Simham, 26 yrs, 5'7", 60 kgs, Wheatish, DEEE, Air Hoster, INDIGO Aviation, 1.5 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 20-23 yrs, near Coimbatore, Diploma or Degree, Profile No.: B062401,

Hindu, Kongu Vellala Gounder, Tamil, Puratathi, Kumba, 36 yrs, 175 cms, 65 kgs, Fair, DME, BCA, Profession - Buying Office, Tirupur, 5.0 Lakhs p.a., Looking for Bride in same caste, above 30 yrs, Horoscope no bar, +2 Hr Sec or Degree, good bride. Profile No.: B062306,

Hindu, Adi Dravidar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Waiting Divorce, Aswini, Rishabam, 28 yrs, 170 cms, 60 kgs, Wheatish, B.Sc., Profession - Tamilnadu Police, 3.0 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking for Bride in Hindu, any caste, 22-25 yrs, widow, Tamil, any city, Profile No.: B062305,

Hindu, Baligia Naidu, Gothram - Bala, Telugu, Puratathi, Kumba, 29 yrs, 5'7", 78 kgs, MBA, B.Com, ICWA Inter, CIMA, Profession - Business Associate, 8.0 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking for Bride in same caste, 24-28 yrs, any city in Tamilnadu, UG/PG education, Kind and homely. Profile No.: B062303,

Hindu, Kongu Vellala Gounder, Gothram - Semban Kootam, Tamil, Krithigai, Rishabam,  Chevva Dosam, 33 yrs, 5'9", 60 kgs, Fair, +2 Hr. Sec., Profession - Owner of Travel Business, 4.0 Laks p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 22-32 yrs, Horoscope no bar, Chevva dosam, Tamil, any city in Tamilnadu, a girl with good nature. Profile No.: B062302,

Hindu, Parkavakulam, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, N.R.I., Hastham, Horoscope no bar, 36 yrs, 163 cms, 61 kgs, Fair, M.Sc., M.Phil., Profession - Retail industry in U.K., 12,000 British Pounds p.a., ( Rs. 11 Lakhs), Living in Oxfordshire, U.K., Looking for Bride in Hindu, any caste, 25-33 yrs, 157 cms, Tamil, from Tamil cultured families. Profile No.: B062301,