Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Marriage – Facts you need to know - 25

Marriage – Facts you need to know - 25


·         You need to know that just because the two of you can't work together doesn't mean you don't love each other. Few couples can actually handle being together 24/7.

·         You need to know that both of you working at the same company can mean problems. A lot of couples thought working together at a large bank was a spectacularly good idea. Suddenly no one in the family had a job.

·         You need to know to discuss what boundaries you're comfortable with as a couple before one of you has to work and travel with the opposite sex.

·         You need to know that, in a growing number of marriages, men no longer make the most money. Yet they still don't know how to fold laundry.

·         You need to know a wife takes her husband's job loss harder than he does.

·         You need to know that if you both retire at the same time, you'll be happier. The alternative is a spouse who resents getting up at 6:30 a.m. to go to work while the other one sleeps in.

·         You need to know, if you took time off from your career to raise kids, not to blame your husband that the job market is more difficult to enter than it was ten years ago.

·         You need to know that sometimes you live in one town and work on the other side of the country. Almost four million couples now live in commuter marriages.

·         You need to know if you and your spouse have different work hours, it will seem like you're in a commuter marriage.

·         You need to know being married means you have somebody to tell your secrets to.

·         You need to know you're the one person in the world they trust to not hurt them.

·         You need to know praying together can be more intimate than sex. And just as important for a healthy marriage.

·         You need to know there are five kinds of intimacy: physical, emotional, mental, social, and the easiest and quickest, the physical.

·         You need to know to hold hands like teenagers do. In the movies, walking down the street, in restaurants.

·         You need to know sometimes you're the strong one. Sometimes not.

·         You need to know that dreaming about the future together is one of the real joys of marriage. He may dream about a monster pickup truck; she may dream about shutters. Enjoy the dreams.

·         You need to know being married doesn't mean you stop dating each other. In fact, it's more important than ever to have date nights.

·         You need to know the closer you grow to somebody, the greater the potential for pain is. This is one reason why some people pull away.

·         You need to know one peculiar joy of marriage is to be able to hug and kiss knowing nothing else will happen.

·         You need to know a marriage grows stale if all you do is meet each other's expectations.