Friday, March 1, 2013

Marriage – Facts you need to know - 19

Marriage – Facts you need to know - 19

·        You need to know to distinguish between your spouse and their actions. Love one; address the other.

·        You need to know that listening doesn't mean just waiting for the other person to stop talking so you can start.

·        You need to know that if you pray together before you begin discussing an issue, things are less likely to escalate out of control.

·        You need to know a marriage can survive garlic breath, snoring, financial collapse, perhaps even infidelity. But it can't survive without forgiveness.

·        You need to know marriage isn't built on how you handle the easy moments, but how you get through the difficult ones.

·        You need to know you'll find it easier to forgive a serial killer than your wife for saying something hurtful.

·        You need to know silence, moodiness, and sulking are evidence you're holding on to the problem.

·        You need to know you don't have to wait until the other person apologizes first. Just say, "I'm sorry."

·        You need to know that forgiveness and peacemaking and problem solving are three of your primary responsibilities. And three keys to a successful marriage.