Friday, March 1, 2013

How smoking ages your body ?

Smoking affects your body in more ways than you can imagine. The trouble is that most people start smoking at a young age and don't consider it a threat to their health as they are too young to feel the ill-effects that early.

By the time they start experiencing symptoms of poor health from smoking, they are well-entrenched in the habit and find it extremely hard to let go. This leads to a chain of effects that ages their bodies - affecting them in all aspects of skin, hair, organ health, digestion, etc. All of this directly affects the ageing process. Today we're sharing insights with you about how smoking ages the human body.

Pale skin

Smokes contain harmful substance and several chemicals. These damaging, yet attractive substances, can smoke out oxygen and nutrients by depriving your cells with healthy molecules.


Premature wrinkles are a fall out of smoking. The nicotine narrows the blood vessel, blocking oxygen supply to your skin. Wrinkles are a constant complain for the older generation, but this can be your problem a lot sooner than you think if you continue to smoke.

Dark circles

Same goes for dark circle, the dangerous chemicals affect your blood vessels blocking the supply of oxygen to the skin. Smoking also forms bags under the eye. Every time you inhale, your eyes tend to create wrinkles. After a prolonged period, wrinkles around the eyes are more prominent.


They say if you frown a lot you are creating wrinkles, same goes for smoking. Every time you take a drag, you're using particular muscle. But smoking also loses your elasticity of the skin, enhancing wrinkles around your lips.


Tobacco affects your teeth. Whether you're chewing it or smoking it, the signs will remain there. It's like the guilt of smoking lingers just like the guilt appears when you binge on fried food or a mud pie.

Hair loss

Smoking speeds up the process of hair loss. Your hair will start to thin if you continue smoking. Those harmful chemicals that we keep talking about, barricade the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the necessary cells.

Bad breathe

Tobacco breath is also a side effect of smoking. Smokes tend to leave behind the smell of tobacco; that's how your close ones and colleagues know that you just had a smoke. In case you did not know, these particles can also affect non smokers.

Hearing loss

Hearing loss is common among the elderly, but smokers may experience hearing loss a lot sooner if they continue to smoke into middle age. Loud music and head phones are some of the culprits of hearing loss. But smoking too affects and hampers your hearing.

Back pain

It is not clear why smoking affects your back. But smokers do complain of back pain. So far surveys have only linked smoking to back pain, but the real reason of the cause is yet to be studied. Some speculate that this could be a result of dehydration, poor blood circulation, or chemical deposits.

Sagging skin

The chemical present in a cigarette can destroy collagen and elastin, the foundation for healthy skin. These fibers make the skin elastic, without them you will be a victim of sagging skin. Sagging skin appears on your inner arms and for women it could leading to sagging breasts a lot sooner than necessary.

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