Tuesday, July 14, 2009

LOVE, kal aur aaj

LOVE, kal aur aaj

Mon, Jun 29 05:55 PM

You have changed; you are altogether a different person; you take me for granted?' Are these the sentences, and countless like them, part and parcel of your little love nest? If you think marriage has brought an unimaginable change in your partner's attitude towards you, then may be it is an assumption, a truth, a reaction, or... Let's do a litmus test and find out how much of 'marriage kills the lovers' euphoria' is exaggerated. Sona Sinha, auditor.

Married for three years: Things definitely change the way your man looks at you [after marriage]. When I was dating my hubby, he was all dewy-eyed comparing me to Rani Mukherji one day, and Cindrella the other. Though, I knew none of it was true, but the fact he made an effort to pamper me was worth acknowledging. But soon after marriage, I was like a regular woman he would have overlooked while going to the office or at a market. From a Cindrella, I was a plain Jane. Dheeraj Kumar, a banker.

Married for two years: When we [my wife and I] were dating, my friends called me Brad Pitt, and she used to swell with pride thinking that she is dating the hottest hunk around. But now after marriage her preference has changed. She no more likes Brad Pitt. Before marriage, all she wanted to was be with me all the time. But now her 'mom's home fixation' seems to have blurred her memory. I am just another regular guy."Life is an evolving process, and it does involve wear and tear of various tissues along with our memory cells. So, we should give our partners that much of reason to fall back upon," says Dheeraj, who otherwise has lots of things to say about his 'changed' wife. This is perhaps called 'change' of heart - FOR GOOD.

Chetna Joshi Bambroo