Friday, July 10, 2009


Long time ago there lived a King. He had three beautiful, intelligent and well-behaved daughters to whom he loved very much. When they came to marriageable age, the king called all of them and asked them - “Whose luck gives you food?” The eldest daughter said - “Dear father, I get food of your luck.” The king got very happy to hear this. Then he asked his second daughter the same question, and she also answered the same. The king got very happy with his second daughter also.

Then he asked the same question his youngest daughter also. She fearlessly said - “Dear father, I get my food of my own luck.” King got surprised to hear this, he asked - “How?” The daughter said - “Dear father, Everybody gets his food of his own luck, nobody can take food of anybody else’ luck.” The king did not get satisfied with this answer, rather he got angrier with the youngest daughter. Her elder sisters tried to convince her “Sister, We eat food of our father’s luck.” But she was not ready to agree with that and she was adamant on her statement. The King ordered his servants to bring the first man they see next morning passing by his palace.

As the sun rose next morning, a leper boy passed by the palace in search of food. King’s people immediately brought him to the King, and the King married his daughter to him. He did not give anything to her and sent her with that leper. Her both sisters and mother wept bitterly for her. They asked her several time to change her statement but she did not agree for that. Everybody was very sad in the palace but could not do anything, and the girl went away with that leper boy.

Now the youngest girl was very good, patient and a believer in God. Her husband could not do anything because of his leprosy. He even lived outside the village. They started their new life in a hut outside the village. The girl started going to woods to cut wood and sell it in the local market. Whatever she earned that day she bought some food from that money and saved some for rainy season. Thus she started passing her time. She cleaned her hut, cooked her food and serve her husband very dearly, carefully and sincerely.

After some time she had so much money, that she bought a cart to carry her wood from forest and to market, thus earning more money, and naturally had more savings. Gradually she employed some people to cut her wood, bought some more carts to carry her wood to market, and thus saved some more money. Now they have started living in a better house, eating better food and living more comfortable life. Her husband was also getting better day by day. She used to pray every day to make her husband healthy and wealthy. One day God listened to her, and her husband became perfectly healthy. Now he was a handsome man. His leprosy was gone. They had two children also. They returned to their village.

After a few years they became the richest people of the village, so they thought to invite their King to their house. The man invited the King to their house and he came to their house. The daughter did not come outside, her husband welcomed him. He didn’t recognize her husband at all. He was still under the impression that he was a leper. Both talked for a while then both set to take their food. The King’s daughter herself cooked food for her father.

When the King tasted the food, he broke into tears. The man asked him why he was weeping like that. The King spoke - “My youngest daughter used to cook such tasty food. One day in the madness of my wealth and status, I asked a question from my all daughters - “Who gives you food?” My both elder daughters said - “We get our food of your luck, while my youngest daughter said - “I get food of my own luck.” I got very angry with her statement and married her the first man appeared before my palace the very next morning. Unfortunately he was a leper. I did not give her anything. I married my other two daughters in very rich families. Now they are getting poorer everyday. After tasting this food I remembered her that she said correct. I did a great injustice with her. I do not know where she would be now?”

The man smiled and said - “Dear father, You should not be sorry for her. She is a very qualitative girl. She said correct and you are also correct, this food has been cooked by her only for you, and I am your that leper son-in-law. She served me a lot and I became all right and we got our status back in the village. We have two sons also.”

And he called his wife and the two sons. The King recognized his daughter. Both embraced each other and wept bitterly after the long separation. The King asked for her forgiveness to be so rude with her. She said - “This was in my fate, father, so don’t worry at all. These are my two sons.” The King got very happy to see them all. He blessed them all and came back from there. He sent lots of gifts to her daughter and invited them to his house to live there for some time.

LESSON: Fate and luck is above all, that is why one should not worry about anything. Everybody lives by his own fate. Nobody can change one another’s fate. Everybody gets everything through his or her fate. Creator sustains all creation!