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Choose Names for Western Female Children

Choose Names for Western Female Children



Abigail (Abbie, Abby) – (Hebrew) means "father rejoices"

Adelaide – (Old German) means "noble one"

Adele – diminutive of Adelaide

Adriana – Italian version of Adrienne

Adrienne – (Latin) means "dark" or "rich"

Agatha – (Greek) means "good"

Agnes – (Greek) means "pure"

Aisha (Ayesha) – (Arabic) means "woman"

Alexandra (Alex, Lexie) – female version of Alexander

Alexis – Russian version of Alexander

Alice (Alicia, Alisha) – (Old German) means "nobility"

Aliyah – (Hebrew) means "to ascend"

Allegra – (Italian) means "cheerful, sprightly"

Amanda – (Latin) means "lovable" or "fit to be loved"

Amber – (English) from the gemstone of the same name

Amelia (Emelia) – (Old German) means "work"

Amy – (Old French) means "loved"

Anastasia – (Greek) means "resurrection"

Andrea – female form of Andrew

Angela – (Greek) means "messenger"

Angelica – (Latin) means "angelic"

Anita – Spanish version of Anne

Anna – Greek version of Hannah

Anne (Ann) – French version of Hannah

Anthea – (Greek) means "flowery"

Antonia (Toni, Tonya) – feminine form of Anthony

April (Avril) – (Latin) means "open"

Ariadne – (Greek) means "very holy one"

Arianna – Italian version of Ariadne

Ashleigh – (Old English) means "ash wood"

Asia – (Assyrian) means "east"

Aster – (Latin) means "star"

Astrid – (Old Norse) means "divinely beautiful"

Audrey – (Old English) means "noble strength"

Auriel – (Latin) means "golden"

Aurora – (Latin) means "dawn"


Barbara (Barbra) – (Greek) means "strange" or "foreign"

Belle – (French) means "beautiful"

Bernice – (Greek) means "bringer of victory"

Bernadette – female version of Bernard

Beverley – (Old English) means "beaver stream or meadow"

Bianca – Italian version of Blanche

Blanche – (French) means "white"

Blossom – (Old English) means "tree in flower"

Brenda – (Norse) means "sword"

Bridget (Brigitte) – (Gaelic) means "the exalted one" or "strong"

Brooke – (Old English) means "small stream"


Caitlin – Gaelic version of Catherine

Camilla (Camille) – (Italian) means "young ceremonial attendant"

Candace (Candice, Candy) – (Greek) means "glittering white"

Candida – (Latin) means "white"

Cara (Kara, Carina) – (Italian) means "dear"

Carla – feminine version of Carl

Carmel – (Hebrew) means "garden"

Carmen – Spanish version of Carmel

Caroline (Carol, Carrie) – Italian feminine version of Charles

Cassandra (Cassie) – (Greek) means "unheeded prophetess"

Catherine (Katherine, Cathie, Kate, Katrina, Catrina, Kathy, Cathy, Katrina, Katy) – (Greek) means "pure"

Cecilia (Cecily, Cicely) – (Latin) means "blind"

Celeste – (Latin) means "heavenly"

Celia – pet form of Cecilia

Chanel – (French) means "pipe"

Charis – (Greek) means "grace"

Charlene – feminine version of Charles

Charlotte – French feminine of Charles

Chelsea – (Old English) means "chalk landing place"

Cherry (Cherrie, Cheryl) – (Middle English) for fruit-bearing tree

Chloe – (Greek) means "green shoot"

Christina (Christine, Chris, Chrissie, Christy, Tina, Christen) – feminine version of Christian

Clare (Claire) – (Latin) means "bright"

Clarissa – (Latin) means "renowned"

Claudia (Claudette, Claudine) – feminine form of Claudius

Clio – (Greek) means "praise"

Constance – (Latin) means "firmness"

Cordelia – (Latin) means "heart"

Corinna (Corinne) – (Greek) means "maiden"

Crystal – (Greek) means "ice"

Cynthia – (Greek) means "from Mount Kynthos"


Daisy – (Old English) means "the eye of day"

Danielle – French feminine form of Daniel

Daphne – (Greek) means "laurel"

Daria – feminine form of Darius

Davina – Scottish feminine version of David

Dawn – (Old English) means "daybreak"

Deborah (Debra, Debbie) – (Hebrew) means "bee"

Demi – pet form of Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture

Denise – French feminine version of Dennis

Desiree – (French) means "desired"

Diana (Diane) – (Latin) means "divine"

Dinah – (Hebrew) means "judged"

Dionne (Dione) – feminine version of Dion

Donna – (Italian) means "lady"

Dora (Dorrie) – shortened form of Theodora and Dorothy

Doreen – Irish version of of Dora

Doris – (Greek) means "of the sea"

Dorothy – (Greek) means "gift of God"


Eden – (Hebrew) means "delight"

Edie – pet form of Edith

Edith – (Old English) means "wealthy" and "war"

Eileen – Irish version of Helen

Elaine – Old French version of Helen

Electra – (Greek) means "shining, bright, radiant"

Elizabeth (Beth, Bess, Beetsy, Betty, Elise) – (Hebrew) means "God's promise"

Ella – (Old German) means "all"

Ellen – English form of Helen

Elsa – (Old German) means "noble maiden"

Emerald – from the gemstone

Emily – (Latin) means "eager"

Emma – (Old German) means "universal"

Erica (Erika) – feminine version of Eric

Erin – (Gaelic) means "isle of the west"

Esther – (Persian) means "star"

Evangeline – (Greek) means "good news"

Eve – (Hebrew) means "life"

Evelyn (Evelina, Eveline) – (Old German) means "hazel nut"


Faith – (Middle English) means "belief"

Fay (Faye) – shortened version of Faith

Felicity (Felicia) – (Latin) means "happy"

Fiona – (Gaelic) means "fair"

Florence – (Latin) means "flourishing"

Frances – feminine version of Francis


Gabrielle (Gabriella, Gaby) – French and Italian feminine version of Gabriel

Gaia – (Greek) means "earth"

Gail – shortened version of Abigail

Gemma – (Italian) means "precious stone"

Genevieve – (French) means "tribe woman"

Georgina (Georgia) – feminine version of George

Geraldine – feminine version of Gerald

Gillian (Gill, Gilly) – English form of Juliana

Gina – pet-form of Georgina

Gloria – (Latin) means "glory"

Grace – (Latin) means "favour" or "blessing"

Gwen – (Welsh) means "white"

Gwynneth – (Welsh) means "happiness"


Hannah – (Hebrew) means "grace"

Hayley – (Old English) means "from the hay meadow"

Heather – (Middle English) means "shrubs"

Helen – (Greek) means "light"

Hilary – (Latin) means "cheerful"

Holly (Hollie) – (Old English) from the holly tree

Honey – (Old English) means "nectar"

Hope – (Old English) means "expectation"


Imogen – (Latin) means "image"

India – (Sanskrit) means "body of water"

Irene – (Greek) means "peace"

Iris – (Greek) means "rainbow"


Jacqueline (Jaclyn, Jackie) – French feminine form of Jacques (French for James)

Jade – from the gemstone

Jaimie – popular modern feminine form of James

Jane (Janice, Janie, Janine, Janis, Jayne) – (Hebrew) means "God is gracious"

Janet (Jan) – diminutive of Jane

Jasmine – (Old French/Persian) from the flower of the same name

Jemima – (Hebrew) means "dove"

Jennifer (Jenna, Jennie, Jenny) – (Welsh) means "fair one"

Jessica – (Hebrew) means "he beholds"

Jill – pet-form of Gillian

Joan (Joanna, Joanne, Johanna) – medieval feminine form of John

Jocelyn – (Old German) means "member of German tribe, the Gauts"
- (Latin) means "joyous"

Jodie – modern name derived from Judy

Jordan (Jordyn) – (Hebrew) means "down-flowing"

Josephine (Jo, Josie) – French female form of Joseph

Joy – (Latin) means "merry"

Joyce – (Latin) means "merry"

Judith (Judy) – (Hebrew) means "praise"

Julia (Julianne) – feminine form of Julius

June – (English) from the name of the month which was derived from the Roman goddess Juno

Justine – French feminine version of Justin


Karen – Danish form of Catherine

Kate – diminutive of Catherine/Katherine

Kathleen – anglicised version Caitlin

Kay – pet-form of Katherine

Keira – feminine version of Kieran

Kelly (Keeley) – (Irish) means "warlike one"

Kerry – (Irish/Gaelic) means "black-haired"

Kimberley (Kim) – (English) means "chief" or "ruler"

Kirsten – Danish form of Christine

Kristian – Danish form of Christian

Kyle – (Gaelic) means "channel between islands"

Kyra – Greek feminine version of Cyril


Lana – from Alana (Old German name which means "precious")

Lara – pet-form of Russian name Larissa

Laura – (Latin) means "laurel"

Lauren – modern feminine version of Laurence

Leanne – (English) believed to be derived from Irish-Gaelic version of Helen

Leila (Layla) – (Persian) means "night"

Lesley – (Scottish-Gaelic) means "holly garden"

Letitia – (Latin) means "gladness"

Lilian – from the Latin name Liliana which means "lily"

Lilith – (Hebrew) means "night-monster"

Lily – from the name of the flower

Linda (Lyn, Lynda, Lynn, Lynne) – (Old German) means "serpent"

Lindsey (Lindsay) – (Old English) means "Lelli's island"

Liza (Lisa) – shortened form of Elizabeth

Lois – (Greek) means "good"

Louise (Louisa) – feminine form of Louis

Lucille – (Latin) means "light"

Lucy – (Latin) means "light"

Lydia – (Greek) means "woman of Lydia"


Madeline (Madeleine) – (Hebrew) means "woman from Magdala"

Maia (Maya) – (Greek) means "nurse"

Mandy – pet-form of Amanda

Marcella – feminine version of Marcus

Marcia – feminine version of Marcus

Margaret (Maggie, Madge, Margot, Peggy) – (Greek) means "pearl"

Marguerite – French version of Margaret

Marianne (Maryanne) – a combination of Marie ("star of the sea" in Latin) and Anne ("grace" in Hebrew)

Marilyn – combination of Mary ("star of the sea" in Latin) and Lynn ("lake" in Old English-Gaelic)

Marina – (Latin) means "of the sea"

Marion – medieval diminutive of Mary

Martina – feminine form of Martin

Mary (Maria, Marie) – (Latin) means "star of the sea"

Maxine – modern feminine version of Maximilian

May – pet-form of Mary or Margaret

Melanie – (Greek) means "black"

Melissa – (Greek) means "bee"

Melody – (Greek) means "singing of songs"

Mia – Danish pet-form of Mary

Michelle – French feminine version of Michael

Millicent (Milly, Millie) – (German) means "strong worker"

Mimi – French pet-form of Mary

Mirabel – (Old German) means "glorious"

Miranda – (Latin) means "worthy of admiration"

Miriam – (Hebrew) means "bitterness"

Mona – (Irish) means "noble"

Morgan – (Welsh) means "sea bright"


Nadia (Nadine) – (Russian) means "hope"

Nancy – pet-form of Ann

Naomi – (Hebrew) means "pleasure"

Natalie (Natalia) – (Latin) means "birthday of the Lord"

Natasha (Tasha) – Russian pet-form of Natalia

Nicola (Nicole, Nicolette, Nikki) – feminine forms of Nicholas

Nigella – feminine version of Nigel

Nikita – (Greek) means "unconquered"

Nina – Russian pet-form of Anne

Norah (Nora) – pet-form of Leonora 


Olive (Olivia) – (Latin) from the olive tree

Ophelia – (Greek) means "help"

Ophira – (Hebrew) means "gold"


Paige – (English) means "young servant"

Pamela (Pam) – (Greek) means "honey"

Patricia – feminine form of Patrick which means "noble"

Patsy – pet-form of Patricia

Paula – German feminine form of Paul

Pauline – French feminine form of Paul

Pearl – jewel name

Penelope (Penny) – (Greek) means "weaver"

Petra – (Latin) means "rock"

Philippa – feminine version of Philip which means "fond of horses"

Phoebe – (Greek) means "bright"

Phyllis – (Greek) means "leafy"

Pia – (Latin) means "dutiful, godly"

Portia – (Latin) means "hog"

Priscilla (Cilla, Scilla) – (Latin) means "ancient"

Prudence – (Latin) means "discretion"


Rachel – (Hebrew) means "ewe"

Rebecca (Becky) – (Hebrew) means "heifer"

Regan – (Irish) means "descendant of the little king"

Regina – (Latin) means "queen"

Renee – (French) means "reborn"

Rhoda – (Greek) means "rose"

Rhona – feminine form of Ronald

Rhonda – (Welsh) means "good lance"

Ria – pet-form of Maria

Rita – pet-form of Margarita

Roberta – feminine form of Robert

Robyn – feminine form of Robin

Rosalind – (Old German) means "gentle horse"

Rosanna (Roseanne) – (English) means "gracious rose"

Rose – (Old German) means "horse"

Rosemary – (Latin) means "sea dew"

Rowena – (Celtic) means "fair"

Roxana (Roxanne) – (Persian) means "dawn"

Ruby – from the gemstone

Ruth – (Hebrew) means "beloved"


Sabina (Sabine) – (Latin) means "woman from Sabine"

Sabrina – (Celtic) name of a Celtic maiden in Welsh tale

Sadie – pet-form of Sarah

Saffron – taken from the name of the flower and spice

Salome – (Aramaic) means "peace"

Sally (Sallie) – pet-form of Sarah

Samantha – feminine version of Samuel

Sandra (Zandra) – diminutive of Allesandra or Alexandra

Sandy (Sandi) – pet-form of Sandra

Sapphire – from the gemstone

Sarah (Sara) – (Hebrew) means "princess"

Sarita – Spanish diminutive of Sarah

Sasha – Russian pet-form of Alexander

Savannah – (Spanish) means "treeless plain"

Scarlett – (Old French) means "red"

Selina – (Greek) means "moon"

Serena – (Latin) means "calm"

Shannon – (Gaelic) means "old, ancient"

Sharon – (Hebrew) means "fertile plain"

Sheena – (Irish) means "God is gracious"

Sheila – (Irish/Gaelic) means "blind"

Shelley – (Old English) means "clearing on a plateau"

Shirley – (Old English) means "bright meadow"

Shona – Irish/Gaelic variant of Joan

Sibyl (Sybil) – (Greek) means "prophetess"

Siena (Sienna) – (Latin) means "from Siena"

Simone – French feminine form of Simon

Sinead – Gaelic form of Janet

Siobhan – Irish version of Joan

Sonia (Sonya) – Russian pet-form of Sophia

Sophia (Sofia, Sophie) – (Greek) means "wisdom"

Stacey – pet-form of Anastasia

Stella – (Latin) means "star"

Stephanie (Steffi) – French feminine version of Stephen

Summer – (English) from the name of the season

Susanna (Sue, Susan, Susannah, Suzanne, Suzie) – (Hebrew) means "lily"

Sylvia (Silvia, Sylvie) – (Latin) means "wood"


Tabitha – (Aramaic) means "gazelle"

Tara – (Gaelic) means "hill; star"

Tatiana (Tania, Tanya) – feminine form of Tatius

Teresa (Theresa, Terry, Tessa) – (Greek) means "to reap"

Thalia (Talia) – (Greek) means "flourishing"

Tia – (Spanish/Greek) means "aunt" in Spanish and "princess" in Greek

Tiffany – (Greek) means "manifestation of God"

Tina – pet-form of Christina

Tracy (Tracey) – (Irish/Gaelic) means "warlike"

Trixie – pet-form of Beatrix

Trudy – pet-form of Gertrude


Ursula – (Latin) means "she-bear"


Valerie – feminine form of Valerius

Vanessa – (Greek) means "butterfly"

Vera – (Russian) means "faith"

Veronica – (Latin) means "true image"

Victoria (Vicky, Vickie) – (Latin) means "victory"

Viola – (Latin) means "violet"

Violet – from the name of the flower

Virginia (Ginnie) – Latin feminine form of Virginius

Vivienne – feminine form of Vivian which means "alive" in Latin


Wanda – (Old German) means "a young shoot"

Wendy – (English) means "friend"

Whitney – (Old English) means "white island"

Wynn – (Welsh) means "fair"


Xenia – (Greek) means "hospitality" or "stranger"


Yvonne – French feminine form of Ivo


Zara – (Arabic) means "brightness of the dawn"

Zita – (Greek) means "to seek"

Zoe – Greek version of Eve which means "life" 


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