Thursday, July 23, 2009



"When in the midst of friends or strangers, refrain from pushing yourself forward. See how at the slightest excuse you try to show yourself off!"

"So refrain from much talk. The less you talk, the less you will be noticed and the more you will be permitted to recede in the background. As it is, you talk too much, you always try to monopolise conversation. Only this morning, a friend came to you and tried to speak to you of the burden on his mind. He had scarcely begun when you cut him short and delivered to him a discourse on accepting the Will of God. Can you truthfully say that in every situation of life you accept the Will of God? Then what right have you to lecture to others? It will do you immense good if you remain silent and let others talk."

"What helps is not your words but your vibrations. What transforms is not your lectures but your silent prayers. So talk little to those whom you wish to help but pray for them again and again."

"Always keep clear of the desire of telling others of your life and achievements, your inner struggles and experiences, your opinions and aspirations. Live and grow in the thought that you are as a tiny particle of dust and that no one cares for what you think or say nor misses you when you are away."

"With love in your heart, walk the way of the helpers and servers of the children of God. The poor, the weak, the sinners, the lonely and the lost, the bird and the beast, too are His children. Do at least one good turn every day. And remember that he who turns from the road to rescue another turns towards his goal. He who lifts the burden of the weary lightens his own load! He who speaks a word of hope to those that are in sorrow, heals his own hurt."