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Choose Names for Western Male Children

Choose Names for Western Male Children



Aaron – (Hebrew) means "high mountain"

Adam – (Hebrew) means "red"

Adrian – (Latin) means "man from Adriatic"

Aidan – (Gaelic) means "little fiery one"

Alan – (Celtic) means "harmony"

Ainsley – (Celtic) means "my meadow". It was originally a surname but is now a popular first name

Alban – (Latin) means "white"

Albert – (Old German) means "noble knight"

Alexander – (Greek) means "defending man"

Ambrose – (Greek) means "pertaining to the immortals". Ambrosia was said to be the food of the gods

Andrew – (Greek) means "manly"

Angelo – (Greek) means "messenger"

Anthony – (Latin) means "praiseworthy"

Arthur – (Gaelic/Celtic) means "stone" in Gaelic and "a bear" in Celtic

Ashley – (Old English) means "ash wood"

Astley – (Old English) means "eastern wood"

Aston – (Old English) means "eastern place". It used to be a surname but is not commonly used as a first name

Aubrey – (Old German) means "elf counsel"

Augustine – (Latin) means "venerable"


Basil – (Greek) means "kingly"

Benedict – (Latin) means "blessed"

Benjamin – (Hebrew) means "son of my right hand"

Bernard – (Old German) means "brave as a bear"

Boris – (Slavonic) means "to fight"

Brandon – (English) derived from a place; it means "hill covered with broom"

Brendan – (Old Irish) means "stinking hair"

Brett – (Old French) means "man from Brittany"

Brian – (Irish) means "hill"


Callum – (Gaelic) means "dove"

Calvin – (Latin) means "bald"

Cameron – (Gaelic) means "crooked nose"

Campbell – (Gaelic) means "crooked mouth"

Carl – (German) version for Charles

Casey – (Celtic) means "descendant of Cathasaigh, descendant of the vigilant one"

Casper – (German) means "imperial"

Cecil – (Latin) means "blind"

Charles – (Old High German) means "man"

Chase – (English) means "hunter"

Christopher – (Greek) means "one who carries Christ"

Clark – (Old English) means "clergyman" or "one who can read and write"

Claude – (Latin) means "lame"

Clement – (Latin) means "merciful"

Connor – (Old Irish) means "lofty desires"

Conrad – (German) means "brave counsel"

Craig – (Gaelic) means "rock"

Curtis – (Old French) means "courteous"

Cyril – (Greek) means "lordly"


Damian – (Greek) means "to tame"

Damon – (Greek) means "divine power"

Daniel – (Hebrew) means "God has judged"

David – (Hebrew) means "darling"

Dennis – (Roman) from Dionysos, Greek god of wine

Dermot – (Irish) means "free from envy"

Dominic – (Latin) means "of the Lord"

Donald – (Gaelic) means "proud ruler"

Duncan – (Gaelic) means "dark-skinned warrior"

Dylan – (Welsh) means "flood"


Eden – (Hebrew) means "delight"

Edgar – (Anglo-Saxon) means "fortunate spear"

Edmund – (Old English) means "happy protection"

Edward – (Anglo-Saxon) means "prosperous protector"

Edwin – (Anglo-Saxon) means "fortunate friend"

Elwin – (Anglo-Saxon) means "old friend"

Eric – (Norse) means "ruler of all"

Ernest – (German) means "determined"

Ethan – (Hebrew) means "strong"

Eugene – (Greek) means "noble"

Evan – Welsh version of John

Ezra – (Hebrew) means "help"


Fabian – (Latin) means "bean"

Felix – (Latin) means "happy"

Ferdinand – (German) means "bold life"

Finn – (Gaelic) means "fair"

Francis (Frank) – (Latin) means "a Frenchman"

Franklin – (Old French) means "free citizen"

Frederick – (Old German) means "peaceful ruler"


Gabriel – (Hebrew) means "man of God"

Gareth (Gary) – (Welsh) means "gentle"

Garth – (Old Norse) means "enclosure" or "garden"

Gavin – (Welsh) means "white hawk"

Geoffrey (Jeffrey, Geoff, Jeff) – (Old German) means "peace"

George – (Greek) means "farmer"

Gerald – (Old German) means "spear rule"

Gideon – (Hebrew) means "one who cuts down"

Gilbert – (German) means "bright pledge"

Giles – (Latin) means "young goat"

Glen – (Gaelic) means "narrow mountain valley"

Godfrey – (Old German) means "God's peace"

Grant – (French) means "tall" or "great"

Gregory – (Greek) means "watchful"

Guy – (German) means "wood"


Harold – (Old English) means "army rule"

Henry (Harry) – (Old German) means "home ruler"

Herbert – (Old German) means "army bright"

Herman – (Old High German) means "soldier"

Hugh – (Old German) means "bright spirit"


Ian – Scottish version of John

Ivan – Russian version of John


Jacob (Jake) – (Hebrew) means "supplanter"

Jadon (Jayden) – (Hebrew) means "he will judge"

James – English version of Jacob

Jared – (Hebrew) means "descent"

Jason – English version of Joshua

Jesse – (Hebrew) means "the Lord is"

Jethro – (Hebrew) means "excellence"

John – (Hebrew) means "God is merciful"

Jonah (Jonas) – (Hebrew) means "dove"

Jonathan – (Hebrew) means "God's gift"

Joseph – (Hebrew) means "God will increase"

Joshua – (Hebrew) means "God saves"

Jude – (Hebrew) means "praise"

Justin – (Latin) means "just"


Keith – (Gaelic) means "forest"

Kenneth – (Gaelic) means "handsome"

Kevin – (Irish) means "handsome at birth"

Kirk – (Old Norse) means "church"

Kit – pet form of Christopher

Kurt (Curt) – German name derived from Conrad

Kyle – (Gaelic) means "channel between islands"


Laurence – (Greek) means "laurel"

Lee – (Old English) means "field" or "pasture"

Leo – (Latin) means "lion"

Leonard – (Old German) means "bold as a lion"

Leroy – (French) means "the king"

Levi – (Hebrew) means "joined"

Liam – Irish version of William

Linus – (Greek) means "flax"

Lionel – (Greek) means "little lion"

Lloyd – (Welsh) means "grey"

Logan – (Gaelic) means "small hollow"

Louis – (Old German) means "renowned warrior"

Lucas – Latin version of Luke

Luke – (Greek) means "coming from Lucania"


Magen – (Hebrew) means "protector"

Magnus – (Latin) means "great"

Malcolm – (Gaelic) means "disciple of Columb"

Marcus – Latin version of Mark

Mark – Derived from Mars, the Roman god of war

Martin – (Latin) means "belonging to Mars"

Matthew – (Hebrew) means "gift of the Lord"

Matthias – Latin version of Matthew

Maurice – (Latin) means "a Moor" or "dark skinned"

Maximilian (Max) – (Latin) means "greatest"

Maxwell – from a Scottish place, means "Magnus' stream"

Michael (Mike) – (Hebrew) means "Who is like God?"

Miles (Milo) – (Old German) means "merciful"

Morgan – (Welsh) means "sea-bright"

Murdoch – (Gaelic) means "sailor"

Murray – Scottish place which means "settlement beside the sea"


Nathan – (Hebrew) means "gift"

Nathaniel (Nat) – (Hebrew) means "God has given"

Neil – (Gaelic) means "champion"

Nicholas (Nick) – (Greek) means "people's victory"

Nigel – Latin version of Neil

Noah – (Hebrew) means "long-lived"

Noel – (French) means "Christmas"

Norbert – (Old German) means "famous in the north"

Norman – (Old English) means "Northman"

Norris – (Old French) means "northerner"


Oliver – (Old Norse) means "ancestor"

Orlando – Italian form of Roland

Osborne – (Old English) means "God bear"

Oscar – (Old English) means "God-spear"

Osmond – (Old English) means "God's protection"

Oswald – (Old English) means "divine power"

Otis – (Old German) means "riches"

Owen – Welsh name derived from Eugene


Patrick (Pat, Paddy) – (Old English) means "nobleman"

Paul – (Latin) means "small"

Pedro – Spanish version of Peter

Peter – (Greek) means "rock"

Philip – (Greek) means "fond of horses"


Quentin – (Latin) means "fifth"


Raleigh – (Old English) means "clearing with roe deer"

Ralph – (Old English) means "wolf counsel"

Randall – (Old English) means "wolf shield"

Raoul – French version of Ralph

Raphael – (Hebrew) means "God heals"

Raymond – (Old French) means "wise protection"

Reginald (Reg, Reggie) – (Old English) means "power force"

Reuben – (Hebrew) means "behold a son"

Rex – (Latin) means "king" or "ruler"

Richard (Rick, Dick) – (Old German) means "powerful ruler"

Robert (Bob, Bobby, Rob, Robby) – (Old German) means "fame bright"

Robin – popular pet form of Robert

Roger – (Old German) means "illustrious warrior"

Roland – (Old German) means "famous throughout the land"

Ronan – (Irish) means "little seal"

Rory – (Gaelic) means "red"

Ryan – (Irish) means "little king"


Samuel (Sam) – (Hebrew) means "name of God"

Sean (Shaun) – Irish version of John

Simon – (Greek) means "snub-nosed"

Solomon – (Hebrew) means "peaceable"

Spencer – (Old English) means "steward" or "butler"

Stephen (Steven, Steve) – (Greek) means "crown"

Stuart (Stewart) – (Old English) means "steward"


Theodore – (Greek) means "God's gift"

Thomas (Tom, Tommy) – Aramaic means "twin"

Timothy (Tim) – (Greek) means "honouring God"

Travis – (Old French) means "to cross"

Trevor – (Welsh) means "large settlement"

Tyler – (Middle English) means "tile maker" or "tile layer"


Urban – (Latin) means "of the town"


Valentine – (Latin) means "strong"

Vernon – (French) means "place of alders"

Victor (Vic) – (Latin) means "conqueror"

Vincent (Vince) – (Latin) means "to conquer"

Vivian – (Latin) means "alive"


Wade – (Old English) means "to go" or "wading place"

Wallace – (Scottish) means "stranger"

Walter (Walt) – (Old German) means "folk-ruler"

Ward – (Old English) means "one who guards or defends"

Wayne – (Old English) means "wagon maker"

Webster – (Old English) means "weaver"

William (Billy, Will, Willy, Bill) – (Old German) means "helmet of resolution"

Winston – (Old English) means "joyful stone"


Xavier – (Arabic) means "bright"


Zachary (Zach) – (Hebrew) means "God has remembered"

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