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Choose Names for Muslim Male Children

Choose Names for Muslim Male Children



Adam – name of the first man and Prophet of Allah; father of mankind

Alam – the world, universe

Amir – prosperous, full of life, large

Aqil – wise, judicious, intelligent, prudent

Arif – learned, authority, expert

Asif – name of a courtier in Prophet Sulaiman's kingdom; a man noted for his intelligence

Asir – captivating, fascinating

Abbas – name of the Prophet Muhammad's uncle; a furious lion that mauls its prey

Abdullah – servant of Allah; name of Prophet Muhammad's father

Abidin – Allah's worshipper

Abu Bakar – the first Caliph of Islam

Abu Hanifa – founder of the Hanafi school of thought / Islamic law

Abu Talib – father of seeker

Adil – just, upright

Adli – pertaining to justice

Adnan – descendant of Ismail and traditional ancestor of the North Arabian tribes

Ahad – one, unique, without partner; one of the names of Allah

Ahmad – the most praised; one of the names of the Prophet Muhammad

Akbar – greater, bigger, most pious, honourable

Akmal – more complete, more perfect

Aleem – learned, expert, scholar; one of the names of Allah

Ali – high, lofty, eminent, excellent, noble, honourable; one of the names of Allah

Abdul Ali – servant of the most High

Aman – trust, safety, protection, peace of mind, calm

Ameer – chieftain, ruler, leader, master

Amin – trustworthy, faithful, reliable

Aminuddin – trustworthy in Islam

Anis – friend, close companion

Anwar – rays of light, lustre

Aqmar – bright, brilliant, luminous

Areef – learned, expert, authority

Arshad – most rightly guided, most reasonable

Asra – travel by night

Azam – greater, greatest, most important, most pious, most exalted

Azhar – more glittering, blooming, shining, brilliant, luminous

Abdul Azim – servant of Allah

Aziz – mighty, strong, dearly loved; one of the names of Allah

Abdul Aziz – servant of the Almighty

Azzam – very determined, resolute


Badruddin – full moon of Islam

Bashar – man, mankind

Bashir – bringer of good news

Baseer – endowed with insight, wise; one of the names of Allah


Daud – a prophet nad father of Prophet Sulaiman


Ehsan – favour, good

Elias – name of a prophet


Faiz – victorious, triumphant, successful

Fahmi – intelligent, intellectual

Faqir – poor, needy, one who renounces the world

Farid – unique, precious

Farooq – one who distinguishes truth from falsehood and right from wrong

Fatin – clever, fascinating

Faisal – umpire, arbitrator, decisive, judge

Faiz – super abundance, plenty, generosity, favour, bounty

Fuad – the heart


Ghaffar – most forgiving; one of the names of Allah

Ghafur – most forgiving

Ghani – rich, wealthy, prosperous; one of the names of Allah

Abdul Ghani – servant of Allah


Hakim – judge, ruler, leader, chief

Hamid – praiser of Allah

Hashim – great-grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad

Habib – beloved, dear, friend

Halim – patient, tolerant, clement

Hamid – all-laudable

Hanif – true believer, true faith, upright

Hasan – beautiful, handsome

Hashim – one who smashes or breaks anything to pieces; grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad

Hassan – very handsome

Hikmat – wisdom

Hisham – generosity


Ibrahim – kind father; a prophet's name

Idris – a prophet

Ihsan – charity, sincerity, kindness, performance of good deeds

Ikhlas – sincerity, purity

Ilham – inspiration, revelation

Imran – population, civilisation, careful observance of rules of etiquette

Iqbal – prosperity, good fortune, good luck

Isa – Jesus in the bible

Iskandar – name of a Greek king

Ismail – a prophet; Ishmael in the bible (son of Prophet Ibrahim)

Izzuddin – honour of Islam


Jalil – great, exalted, magnificent

Abdul Jalil – servant of the Exalted (Allah)

Jamal – beauty, grace

Jamil – handsome, attractive, impressive


Kalimullah – one who conversed with Allah

Kamal – perfection, completion

Khalid – immortal, eternal

Khalil – friend

Khayri – benevolent, charitable


Latif – kind, gracious, courteous, gentle

Abdul Latif – servant of the All-Gentle (Allah)

Luqman – name of a wise, well-known sage and philosopher


Majid – glorious, noble, honourable, generous

Malik – owner, proprietor, master, lord

Mahfuz – safeguarded, well-protected

Mahmood – praised, commendable, praiseworthy, laudable

Majeed – glorious, noble, exalted

Abdul Malik – servant of the King (Allah)

Mansoor – assisted, aided by God, victorious, triumphant

Mubarak – blessed, fortunate, lucky, auspicious

Muhammad – praised, lauded, praiseworthy; Messenger of Allah who preached Islam

Muhiyuddin – reviver of Islam

Mukhlis – sincere, honest, faithful

Murad – will, intention, desire

Musa – a prophet; Moses in the bible

Musharraf – honoured, exalted

Muslim – follower of Islam

Muzaffar – victorious, triumphant, conqueror


Najib – excellent, noble, distinguished, generous

Nasim – gentle wind, fresh air

Nasir – helper, protector, defender

Nasiruddin – defender of Islam

Nasri – winner of victory after victory

Noor – light, illumination


Omar – prosperous, full of life, large

Osman – the young of a lark, a beautiful pen


Razi – satisfied, contended, well-pleased

Rahim – merciful, compassionate, kind

Abdul Rahim – servant of the most Merciful Allah

Rahman – the most Gracious; one of the names of Allah

Rahmat – sympathy, compassion, kindness

Rais – leader, chief, superior, nobleman

Rashid – wise, prudent, judicious; one of the names of Allah

Reza – contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, approval, consent


Salam – peace, safety, security; one of the names of Allah

Salim – safe, secure, perfect, complete

Salman – safe, mild, affable, perfect

Samad – eternal, high; one of the names of Allah

Shahir – famous, eminent, renowned

Shamsuddin – son of Islam

Sufian – ship builder

Sulaiman – a prophet; Solomon in the bible


Tahir – virtuous, pure, pious, modest, clean

Taib – repentant, penitent

Tajuddin – crown of Islam

Tajul Islam – crown of Islam


Ubaidah – servant of God

Usama – lion


Wahid – one, unique; one of the names of Allah

Wahab – gift, grant, donation


Yahya – to live, will live

Yasin – the opening letters of the first verse of surat Ya Sin

Yunus – a prophet; Jonah in the bible

Yusri – easy

Yusuf – a prophet; Joseph in the bible


Zafar – victory, triumph

Zafir – victorious, winner

Zahid – devout, ascetic; one who renounces the world and is fully devoted to Allah

Zaid – abundance, increase, increment, surplus

Zainuddin – grace of Islam

Zaki – pure, sinless, chaste

Zia – light glow, illumination, splendour

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