Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Choose Names for Muslim Female Children

Choose Names for Muslim Female Children



Adiba – polite, well-mannered

Aliyah – high, tall, towering, exalted

Ayesha – well to do, prosperous

Aman – trust, safety, protection

Amira – abundant treasure

Aziza – noble, precious, cherished


Badriyah – full moon-like

Bahiya – beautiful, brilliant, elegant, charming


Dalia – Dahlia flower

Dara – halo of the moon

Daria – learned, knowing

Durriya – glittering, sparkling, brilliant


Faiza – victorious, triumphant, prosperous

Fatin – beautiful, pretty, attractive

Farah – joy, happiness, delight

Fatima – daughter of Prophet Muhammad


Hafiza – guardian, protector, honorific title for a woman who has memorised the Quran

Halima – dreamer, visionary

Hamida – praiser of Allah

Hanna – compassion, sympathy, pity

Hasna – pious, beautiful woman


Iman – belief, faith in Allah


Jamila – beautiful, elegant, pretty


Kamila – perfect, genuine, complete

Khadija – first wife of Prophet Muhammad who was the first to embrace Islam

Khaira – the best, prime, top, flower, cream


Latifa – pretty, charming, gentle, sweet

Layla – a well-known character in Arabic literature


Maria – a lady with fair complexion; wife of Prophet Muhammad who gave birth to a son named Ibrahim

Mas – diamond

Mastura – latent, hidden, chaste

Mumtaz – distinguished, exalted, superior, outstanding

Munira – bright, brilliant, radiant, luminous


Najiha – successful, prosperous

Nasira – helper, aide, assistant, protector

Nazira – observer, supervisor

Nadia – dew, generosity, damp, tender, delicate

Nafisa – refined, pure, precious, delicate, exquisite


Rabia – spring, spring time, garden

Rafida – support, prop

Raya – aroma, fragrance


Sabira – patient, tolerant

Safia – pure, clear, crystal

Safura – wife of Prophet Musa

Sakina – calmness, comfort, ease, serenity, peace of mind

Salma – pacifist, peaceful

Salwa – quail, solace

Samina – a healthy girl, fertile land without rock and stone

Sara – wealth

Shafiqa – compassionate, kind-hearted, affectionate, tender, warm-hearted

Shahira – famous, eminent, renowned

Shahnaz – a musical note, name of a melody

Shakira – thankful, grateful, contented

Sufiya – a mystic; someone who believes in Sufi mysticism

Surayya – a wealthy lady, lustle, chandelier


Tahira – chaste, pure, pious, clean


Wahida – exclusive, unique

Wardah – rose, deep red colour


Yasmin – the Jasmine flower


Zahira – bright, brilliant, luminous

Zafira – victorious, triumphant, successful, conqueror

Zahra – bright, brilliant, radiant, luminous

Zaitun – the olive tree

Zarina – golden

Zubaida – butter, cream, quintessence, essence

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