Wednesday, July 22, 2009



A robber devoted to a life of murdering and looting was tired of his vicious profession and decided to follow spiritual path. He approached a great saint and falling at his feet said, "O great saint, I have lived a life of sin, but now I am desirous of seeking the spiritual path. Will you please accept me as your disciple?" The saint thought for a while and said: "My son, take this stick with you and repeat the name of the Lord: Om Sri Ramaya Namah. Plant this stick in some secluded place and water it daily with devotion. When the stick sprouts, come to me to receive further instructions."

The robber did exactly as he was told. Months passed by. There was no sprout in the dry stick. He continued watering the stick and repeating the Divine Name.

One night as he was repeating Lord’s name he overheard a conversation between two men. One men said, "Let me go today and kill that enemy of ours." But the other replied, "You should not do this because the police will find out that we have killed him. There is better idea. Let us set fire the whole village. All will perish including our enemy." "Very well said," exclaimed the other.

The robber could not bear this. He uprooted the stick and crashed it on the heads of these two conspirators, killing them both instantly. To his astonishment he saw green shoots coming out of the dry stick from various parts. He brought the stick to his Guru and told him the whole story. The Guru said, "By killing those two vicious men you have saved the lives of the whole village. You have purified your heart by this act of virtue and you are fit to receive Divine Grace." He was initiated into further secrets of spiritual life and he became a great saint.

Moral: You have to study the intention of a person behind his action in order to determine whether his action is good or evil.

(East and West Series, May 2004)