Thursday, July 30, 2009



The Polish Air Force Pilot, Roman Tursky, was flying his plane over Germany when the plane developed mechanical trouble and he made a forced landing on German soil. He sent his plane for repairs and spent the night at a hotel.

The next morning, as he left his room, and was walking in the corridor a little man came running and collided against him. Roman Tursky naturally felt offended. But as he looked at the face of the little man, he found it pale with fright.

The man cried, "Gestapo! Gestapo!" (Gestapo was the German Secret Police). It was obvious that the man was being hounded by the Secret Police and he wanted to escape them. Roman Tursky understood the situation and instantly pushed the man into his room, under his bed. Soon thereafter, the police came in and interrogated Tursky. He did not understand their language, and the police went away.

The pilot offered to take this man to Warsaw where he was flying, but suggested that he get off a little before the plane reached the airport, as it was possible the police there would search his plane. So he dropped the man in a field a little before he reached the main airport. Sure enough, when he landed at Warsaw, the police was already there in search of the man.

Soon thereafter, the second world war broke out. Poland was occupied by Germany. Tursky flew to England and there joined the RAF, and became a war hero. He was a brave man, and after destroying a number of enemy planes, his own plane was hit. It crash-landed. The rescue party arrived there but found Tursky more dead than alive. He was shifted to the nearest hospital. The doctors despaired of him and hesitated to operate upon him.

The next day newspaper flashed the news of Tursky’s accident. Tursky was in a state of coma.

However, when he recovered, he found a short man looking at him through bright eyes.

"Do you remember me?" he asked Tursky.

"I was the one whom you saved. This morning, I read the news that you were in a state of coma, hanging between life and death, and immediately, I flew here."

"What for?" asked Tursky.

"Because," the man answered, "I thought I might be of help. They say that I am one of the best brain surgeons. I came here and performed the operation which has saved your precious life."

When you do good, that good will return to you. The evil you do remains with you!

(East and West Series)