Monday, July 23, 2012

Add Lord to Solve Your Problems

There was once a very wealthy man in a village, he had 19 horses and when he was dying he made his will and in the will he distributed all his property and it said, "half of the horses should go to my son, one forth of the horses I have should go to the village priest, and one fifth of the horses I have should go to my servant" and the man died.

Everyone came there scratching their heads, 19 horses, half of the horses should go to sons, what 9 and ½ horses, how to divide, one forth of the horses, how we are going to divide that and everyone kept scratching their heads, they were just not able to divide the horses in that proportion. Then a very wise saint came riding on a horse, he said that "I will give the solution to your problem. You want to divide 19 horses into 1/4th, 1/5th and ½, very simple". The other's said, " have you gone crazy, how you divide 19 horses into half".

The saint got off the horse and then he also put his horse with the 19 horses, that became 20 horses. Now half of 20 is how much, 10 which goes to the son, 1/4th of the 20 is 5 which goes to the village priest and 1/5th of 20 is 4 which goes to the servant, 10+5+4=19. This is how the 19 horses of the man were divided and the saint then took back his horse and rode away.

Solutions are very simple. We have multiple problems in our life, 19 problems in our life, add God, the 20th, Add SAIBABA to your life, everything will be worked out smoothly. Here is an working example.