Saturday, August 20, 2016

Shirdi Sai Spiritual Group Healing Prayers – Today’s Submission – Scheduled for 25th August 2016, 09:00 hrs, Thursday

Johnson Amos Edward


Good job

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Moumita Das

Prayer For Justice

There is no GOD to fight for all the injustices done to a fatherless, brother less since September, 2012 by Karthikeyan Rajamani Amirthavalli ( R.A.Karthikeyan) residing at Tatabad, Gandhipuram in Coimbatore and at Thiruvanmiyur in Chennai.All the brothers and sisters prayed steadfastly but there is no justice. And that Karthikeyan is living a happy married […]

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N Srinivas

Om Sai Ram

"Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai" Dear Sai Baba As you know I am facing financial problems past may years and I am unable to resolve . Kindly help me immediately and protect my family members all the time in all respects. Hoping for immediate resolution Victory to my Guru Dattatreya Sai N.Srinivas

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Om sairam,baba till now nothing improve,day by day situation getting worst,help me plz baba

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I am 53 yrs old and lost my job 2 years ago and succeeded in getting a very small job with a meagre salary. Baba, please get me a good job with good pay. Thank you

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N Sivanandam


Universal Prayers – May Everybody Be Happy !!! Sadguru Sainath Maharaj, May the wicked turn good; May the good attain peace; May the peaceful be freed from all bondage and May the liberated redeem others. May everybody be happy; May everybody be free from disease; May everybody have good luck; May none fall on evil […]

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