Sunday, February 17, 2013

Please Check your LPG usage online...

Useful Info..  
Do you want to know how many LPG cylinders you have consumed till date in FY 2012-13 ?
 a)      Visit petroleum Ministry's web site  
b)      You can see a small hotlink on its right side top panel, where the words "LPG Portal" keeps blinking.
c)       Click on "LPG Portal" and it will open to a page that gives interactive cloud-blurbs like "Rate a Distributor", "find multiple connections in the same name" etc., etc.,
d)      In this screen, on the right side bottom portion, you can see logos that are linked to your own LPG supplier – Indane, Bharatgas and HP Gas.
e)      This will lead you to "Transparency Portal" where you are required to give inputs like State, City and Distributor name details.
f)       After clicking "Proceed" button, you can see next screen where you have to give your consumer number / your name for search.
g)      Here, you can find out the No. of LPG cylinders issued under your consumer number in Financial Year 2012-2013.
Screen shots attached for your quick reference.
As you are aware, you are eligible for 6 cylinders at concessional rate and any additional cylinder will be very costly.
Plan your consumption to save a few hundred rupees.
Please send to as many people as you can.
It will be helpful for them to claim their subsidised cylinders.