Thursday, February 21, 2013

Marriage – the Facts you need to know - 12

Marriage – the Facts you need to know - 12

·         You need to know you can choose to be a generous, enthusiastic, kind lover or a selfish, reluctant, demanding one. Guess who has the happier marriage?

·         You need to know being able to talk about sex is as important as actually doing it.

·         You need to know criticism is not an aphrodisiac.

·         You need to know greater intimacy leads to better sex.

·         You need to know that scheduling sex is a good way to end struggles over it. If everyone knows it's Tuesday and Saturday, the person with the lower sex drive isn't always saying "no" and the partner with the higher sex drive isn't always getting shot down.  Romance ensues.

·         You need to know no one is born a good lover. We have to be taught. By our spouse.

·         You need to know if there's a problem in your sex life, there's usually a problem somewhere else.

·         You need to know married couples have better sex lives than couples who aren't married. Except for single people on TV and in the movies.

·         You need to know even the best marriages have roadblocks to good sex. Like teenagers.

·         You need to know the woman who wants satin lingerie in her twenties will want cotton flannel pj's in her forties. And  will wear a sweater coat to bed in her fifties.

·         You need to know passion for your spouse can light up passion for all kinds of things in life.

·         You need to know to make sex a form of prayer. You're thanking God for the gift of your spouse and their love for you.

·         You need to know an exciting, fulfilling sex life means being willing to try new things as well as sacrificing your needs to your partner's.

·         You need to know to show each other affection throughout the day. Not just in the bedroom in the evening.

·         You need to know that if you wait until you're in the mood, the other person could be asleep.

·         You need to know that if a two-year old has been throwing up on her, she's been sitting in the carpool lane for an hour without air conditioning, she rushed to put dinner on the table, and she just had a fight with her mom . . .  this might be a bad time to try and get something started.

·         You need to know your spouse might really have a headache.

·         You need to know the only thing kids will do for your love life is ruin it. It's God's way of holding down the population.

·         You need to know to start earlier as you get older. Even the most passionate couples are generally passed out by 10:30 p.m.

·         You need to know if you're a kind and considerate lover, you don't have to worry about your performance.