Wednesday, July 8, 2015



Baba: Why do you grieve, men are born to die. One day each one of us will die.


Baba: (to Appa Kulkarni's wife) Death and life are manifestations of God's activity. You cannot separate the two. God permeates all. However, (in fact) none is born. None dies.


See with your inner eye, then you realize that you are God, and not different from Him.


Like worn-out garment, the body is cast away by God. Appa wants to change his dress (kupni) before I do. Let Appa go. Do not stop him. Do not ask for Udhi.


Gain and loss, birth and death, are in the hands of God. But how blindly do these people forget God! Look after life just so long as it lasts. When death arrives, do not be grieved. The wise ones do not grieve for death; the fools do.


Behold! The five pranas were lent for use till now. Now the lender claims back his own; and they are returned.


Air goes back to air, fire to fire. Every one of the five elements thus goes back to its place.


The body (is made up) of earth. See, really they are the same. Therefore its return to the earth is not a thing to bemoan.


(Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 314)