Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Guruvaar Prarthna

Guruvaar Prarthna

Our Beloved Sadguru Sainath, please accept our humble prayers on this Holy day of Guruvaar. Baba, every day millions of devotees coming to your shrine and praying for your grace, but you choose very few as you said that not all buds of blossom become flowers and fruits and many fall down due to wind etc., Baba, don't dump us as fallen flowers or unripe fruits in this world, but keep us at your Lotus Feet and save us against all odd winds. Baba, on this holy day we start our prayers by reading your divine words in Shri Sai Samartha Satcharita.



Faith and Patience – these were the two (pice) – and nothing else. I gave them immediately, by which, my Guru was pleased with me, who was like my mother.


Courage is itself patience, oh woman. Never let it leave you! In times of difficulties, it will stand you in good stead.


The valour of a human being lies in being patient. It wards off the sins, worries and miseries. The difficulties are cleared, in some way or the other; and fear and panic vanish.


Patience gains success ultimately. Difficulties run off helter-skelter. The thorn of evil thoughts have no scope.


Patience is a mine of virtues. She is the queen of pious thinking. Faith and she are true sisters and they dearly love each other.


A human being without patience becomes miserable. He may be a scholar or a virtuous person, but life without it is futile.


Though a Guru is very powerful, he expects only wisdom from his disciple, firm faith, lots of courage and patience at the feet of the Guru.


Just as a stone and a gem, if both are rubbed against a grindstone, both shine – but a stone is a stone and a gem after all, a lustrous and precious stone.


Both undergo the same process of polishing. But can a stone shine like a gem? A gem may become a luminous diamond– but the stone will remain the same, only it will become a little smoother.


I lived at his feet for twelve years. The Guru brought me up from childhood. There was never a dearth of food and clothing and he nurtured immeasurable love for me.


He was the embodiment of love and devotion and had genuine affection for a disciple. A Guru like mine would rarely be found. I cannot describe the rapturous joy.


How could I describe that love! When I looked at him he seemed as if he was in deep meditation and we both were filled with bliss. I could never look anywhere else.


I would go on looking affectionately at the face of the Guru, day and night. I knew no hunger or thirst. My mind would get restless without the Guru.


He was the only object of my meditation. I would have no other goal than him. He was daily the sole aim. The ways of the Guru are mysterious.


This was the only expectation of my Guru. He did not desire anything more than this. He never disregarded me and always protected me from difficulties.


Sometimes I would stay close to his feet and sometimes away from him. But I was never deprived of the closeness of his company. He looked after me with love and care.


Just as a female tortoise nurses her little ones by her look, my Guru did the same and looked after me.


Oh, mother, sitting in this Masjid, whatever I tell you please accept as the truth. The Guru never whispered a secret mantra in my ear. How can I whisper into yours?


The loving glance of the mother tortoise is enough to make the young ones happy. Oh mother, why do you unnecessarily trouble yourself? I do not know anything about upadesh.


The mother tortoise lives on one bank of the river and the children are on the other bank. Their rearing is done by the exchange of glances. Wherefor the trouble of a mantra?


Then, go and eat some food. Do not unnecessarily endanger your life. Just pay attention to me and you will achieve the spiritual life.


You should regard me as the whole and sole. I will also regard you in the same way. My Guru did not teach me anything else at all.


I bow down to Sree Ganesh

I bow down to Sree Saraswati

I bow down to the Guru

I bow down to the Family Deity

I bow down to Sree Sita-Ramachandra

I bow down to Sree Sadguru Sainath.



-(from Shri Sai Samartha Satchrita, Chapter  19, Ovi 52 - 73)