Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Control of Anger

Control of Anger


Baba: If anyone is angry with another, he wounds me to the quick. If any one abuses another, I feel the pain. If anyone bravely endures the abuse, I feel highly pleased. 


Baba to Jog: Give me dakshina.

Jog (flaring up): You know I have not got a single pie. How can I give, Baba'?

Baba: Do not give, but why do you lose your temper? 



Baba to R B Purandhare: If anybody comes and abuses you or punishes you, do not quarrel with him. If you cannot endure it, speak a simple word or two, or else leave the place. But, do not battle with him and give tit for tat. I feel sick and disgusted when you quarrel with others. 


Mrs. Pradhan 

Baba to Mrs. MW Pradhan: If anyone talks ten words at us, let us answer with one word, if we reply at all. Do not battle with anyone. 


Baba's Control of Anger 

When Baba was in a towering rage, Uddhavesa Bua came, prostrated and asked for leave; Baba, cooling down, spoke tenderly to him.-Are you going? When will you come? You need not come again and again every fifteen days. I am with you. Well, go. 

When Baba was in towering passion, Samant, Police Sub-Inspector stood at a distance and thought that unless Baba gave him leave immediately, he would, be too late for his train and have to meet official trouble. 

Baba, at once: Tell all those who want to go, to come at once and take their Udhi.



(Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 208 - 213)