Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Baba appears as or identifies with himself other saints

Baba appears as or identifies with himself other saints 


Balakrishna G. Upasani Sastri, Professor of Sanskrit, went to Hardwar and Tapovan (Swargashram) and saw a saint who told him that a saligram held as an heirloom by the upasanis for many generations had been given by him. When asked about his identity, that saint said in Hindustani, "lo! There was a tree (or log). One came down. The other went up. You will come to know". And then he went out of sight.


Many years later, at the end of 1911, he was going about to trace the whereabouts of his younger brother, Kasinath now known as Upasani Baba. He alighted at Kopergaon at the request of the local mamlatdar who sent him to Shirdi. When he went to Baba,


Baba: Go to Khandoba's


Balakrishna G. Upasani Sastri: When I have seen you, Baba, I have seen all the Gods.


Again Baba: Go to Khandoba's.


When Balakrishna G. Upasani Sastri came out of the Mosque and mentioned Baba's order, people told him that Kasinath Upasani Sastri was at Khandoba's. thus Baba without being told, found out Balakrishna G. Upasani Sastri's relationship and quest. When Balakrishna G. Upasani Sastri returned to Baba, Baba spoke in Hindustani the same words that were spoken by the Sadhu at Tapovan.


"There was a tree (or log). Two persons were up over that. One came down and the other went up."

Sai Baba thus showed that he was the Tapovan saint.


(Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 355)