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Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918

Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba's Miracle before 1918

Baba restored sight when British ophthalmologist rejected cure


"Give up all anxiety. The moment you put your foot in Shirdi, your sufferings have ended. You may sink neck deep in the sea of obstacles, you may have sunk deep into the pit of sorrow and suffering, but know that he who climbs the steps of this Mosque will enjoy the greatest happiness. The Fakir of this place is very kind, He will eradicate your disease and pain. He who has compassion for all, will look after you very lovingly," said Baba to Bhimaji Patil of Narayangaon when he was suffering from pulmonary T.B. (Sai Satcharitra Ch.13).


In Thajanpur Chebedi near Sinner, Nasik district lived Lakshman Baji Avare. In 1910 he suffered from terrible pain in both his eyes. The eyes watered con­stantly, and finally he lost his sight and became blind. All sorts of remedies and medicines were tried but of no avail. A friend of the family advised them to go to Shirdi. Have Baba's darshan, and assured them of a permanent cure. One Thursday they came to Shirdi and had Baba's darshan. Baba looked at Lakshman kindly and said "Allah Achchha Karega" (Allah will do good) and gave them Udi. They returned home, when they noticed that the watering and pain had subsided. So they made weekly trips to Shirdi every Thursday, and took Baba's darshan for six months.


The villagers advised the mother to take her son to JJ. Hospital, Bombay for treatment. On the day of their departure to Bombay, Lakshman had a burning sensa­tion all over his body. Regardless, he left for Bombay.


There a British ophthalmologist (eye doctor) examined him and told him that he would not regain sight as the eyes were badly damaged.


With a heavy heart they returned to their village. Lakshman however, determined that whether he recov­ered his sight or not he would stay in Shirdi at Baba's side. The family came and stayed in Shirdi for some time, and then the mother returned to her village leaving her son behind. Lakshman had intense faith in Baba. Every morning, he washed his eyes with the water that Baba used to wash His face with. This he did for one month when suddenly, his sight got restored, but not fully. One evening he took Baba's darshan in the Chavadi. Baba gently clapped His hands on Lakshman's chest and Lo! He could see clearly again. So over­whelmed with gratitude was he, that he stayed on in Shirdi till Baba's Mahasamadhi.


Radhakrishna Mai asked Lakshman to pump water from the well (now in Saran Jame Baug) and do all the work that she ordered. This seva he willingly did as a token of gratitude for his recovery.



Leela- 9 in Ambrosia in Shirdi - Part-I

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