Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marriage - Facts You Need to Know - 01

1. You need to know the marriage is more important than the wedding. And requires even more planning.

2. You need to know your relationship will be sanctified.

3. You need to know you're promising "till death do you part." Not "till the good times end."

4. You need to know to marry for character more than for good looks or money. Okay, a little more.

5. You need to know to use your mind as well as your heart when you choose a spouse.

6. You need to know a happy couple is made up of two individuals committed to each other.

7. You need to know about Trash to Treasure, where you can find everything fromwedding gowns used once to deep-discount wedding decorations.

8. You need to know you're choosing the person you'll spend the rest of your life with. And still make passes at when you're both on walkers.

9. You need to know you're launching into a fifty-year conversation, interrupted by life.

10. You need to know it's normal to think this whole wedding thing is a mistake.

11. You need to know that a happy marriage is the art of putting the other person first.

12. You need to know a Rs. 15,00,000 wedding can be a down payment on a fantastic home. Think about it.

13. You need to know to not put off marriage because you can't afford the wedding. You can get married for fifty bucks.

14. You need to know if you start with a budget instead of the guest list, you can maintain control over your wedding expenses.

15. You need to know the last thing you want to do is get in hock over your wedding. Scale back grandiose plans.

16. You need to know to register your wedding.

17. You need to know to delete your old flames from your cell phone. Inviting them to the wedding is a dumb idea too.

18. You need to know to define for yourselves what husband and wife mean. Don't rely on some book.

19. You need to know nature never intended for you to maintain that overwhelming feeling of new love forever. To begin with, your brain would probably explode.

20. You need to know that scientists have found there's totally different brain chemistry at work in couples who've been in long-term marriages from in newly-in-love couples.