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Who is Shirdi Sai Baba? – His own statements - 2

Who is Shirdi Sai Baba? – His own statements - 2


All the insects, ants, the visible, movable and immovable world, is My Body or Form


I was the black dog.

I was the sickly sudra. I am in everything, and beyond.

I was the fakir who begged of you at Bombay.

I was the spirit you saw at midnight under the tree.

[I am Akkalkote Maharaj.] I gave you Rs. 2, Pitale.


Baba as a cat is beaten.


Baba to Hansraj, an Asthma patient: Do not take curds or taste sour things. But Hansraj was daily preparing curds overnight to drink it at the noon meal. Daily a cat drank it off and one day he beat the cat.


Baba: (to others, in the presence of Hansraj). "There is an Urphatia. a cussed, crossgrained man. I told him not to take curds. But he daily prepared it. Daily I went as a cat and drank it off, to save his life. Today I went again. Do you know what he did? He beat me over the shoulder. See here. (Hansraj looked and found a fresh weal on Baba's shoulder, though it was a cat he beat with a stick on the shoulder)


Baba as a dog and sickly Sudra:


Kasinath Govind Upasani Maharaj (K.G.U) who lived at Shirdi in 1911-14, prepared his food which a black dog was watching. Offering nothing to the dog, K.G.U. went to the masjid and offered it to Baba. Baba: Why did you bring it here? I was there.


K.G.U. : Baba, there was none there, except a black dog.


Baba: I was that black dog.


Baba refused to accept food that day.


Next day K.G.U. prepared his meal at his quarters and found no dog there. But a sickly Sudra was standing leaning on a wall and looking at the food. The orthodox K.G.U. drove him away from that place and brought the food to Baba.


Baba: Yesterday you did not offer me food. Today also you drove me away. Why bring the food here?


K.G.U.: Where were you there, Baba?


Baba: I was leaning on the wall.


K.G.U.: What! Could you be in such a person?


Baba: Yes I am in all things and beyond.


Purusha Sukta i.e. He pervades the earth and transcends it.



(From Baba's Charters and Saying – 73)