Friday, December 19, 2014

An Invitation to Participate Sai Baba's Divine Healing Prayers - a guide to follow

Beloved Sairam,


Wecome to Baba Prayers family of healers.  Your participation in distance healing prayer is a powerful pool of love energy as it is combined with Divine grace of Shirdi Sai.


Baba said, "I am here to give him temporal and spiritual welfare" and ordered us, "Let us work and finish his sufferings once for all" in Sri Sai satcharitra Ch.34. According to His desire, this group will work and try to finish the suffering of all people in this Universe.


Even though "Our Karma is the cause of our happiness and sorrow, therefore, put up with whatever comes to you. (SSS Ch.34)" Baba is ready to work for us to reduce the effect of our sufferings, "Why should he suffer for ten births? In ten days he can work out sufferings and consequences of his past karma. (SSS Ch.34)"  With our healing prayers, we can help people ease their troubles and miseries.


First of all, the energy of healing prayer is not the physical energy, it is universal spiritual energy that enlivens all. When a thought or feeling is lovingly directed to a person, the healing, intelligent energy is also directed to same.

Since all are children of the Creator Sai Baba, our selfless prayers for others will definitely reach to Him. When pure minds united together and prayed, no matter where we live, no time, the healing is received instantaneously. Sincere intention is key to all of this process since it directs our thought and thus the healing energy in a specific way.

No wonder, simply we use the readily available universal Sai spiritual energy.


"Let us love and serve each other and be happy." (SSS Ch.18 & 19)


1. Consolidate and print the healing list on Thursday morning. Add your own focuses and individuals' names. This contains all the coordinates for the healing power to find the correct recipients.

2. Pick a place to do distant healing, preferably your pooja room or Sai Baba Mandir.

3. Chant Sai Nama Japa for 5-10 minutes.

4. Sit in your place with the List. Settle and be calm. Clear all negation and distraction. Be purposeful.

5. Make a statement of your *intention*. This can take any form: prayer, affirmation, declaration, decree, invocation, etc.

6. Feel your heart and mind open and unite. Feel the Omnipresence of Mercy and Compassion. Shirdi Sai Baba said. "I am the Inner Ruler of all and seated in your hearts" in chapter 3 of Sri Sai Satcharitra, hence strongly believe and feel the Divine Power in you. Ask for spiritual aid.

7. Hold the Healing List between your hands and go to your inner sanctum. Meditate and allow your experience to unfold.

8. Spend a minimum of 30 minutes each time and no longer than an hour.

9. You may refer to the list to highlight names in your mind or focus on particular situations with which you have an affinity.

10. Further affirmations or words of healing intent can be directed to the contents of the List.

11. A visualization that is effective is to see the healers surrounded and filled with a golden-white light.

12. You will experience upliftment and peace. A time will come when the energy tapers off. It is then time to close the session.

13. Give thanks for the opportunity to serve. Ask that the healing is perpetuated as needed.

14. Leave the List in a specific place that is sacred.


15. Throughout, feel the pool of energy in which we all swim.


Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all.
Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai