Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Journey out of darkness into the Light

There is no shortcuts in spiritual life. We have to discover and tread on our own unique pathway which leads to God.

The Guru can indicate the way we have to tread, and guide us at every step. It is for us to move on the path and, under His grace, reach the goal.

Through the witness of his life, the Guru can give to his disciples, glimpses into the life which is life indeed, the life of self-effacement and self-realisation.

But it is our constant yearning and persistent efforts and, of course, by Divine Grace that the divine life can be ours.

The Guru is the gateway to God. We ardently pray to Gurudev Sainath to hold us by the hand and lead us on this journey out of darkness into the Light.

This can be done by none but Thee, O Gurudeva!