Monday, February 17, 2014

Children - God made himself through us....

Children - God made himself through us….

We all love and strive to be a better parent each and every moment of our life. 
All our hard work & the result of which, the gathered wealth are all for our children……but,  during this course of our busy day to day schedule do we concentrate on how well are we parenting them?
 We set benchmarks, targets and KPI s (Key performance indicators) in our corporate work culture.  Do we analyze our self how well we score as parents?  Any KPI, targets or benchmarks for that? How to measure parenting?

The below questionnaire will help you to analyze where you stand in parenting?

o   Do you take parenting as a celebration OR your punishment?

o   Is your intention towards your children is positive OR negative? – What is your parental intention?

o   Are you concentrating more on their academics & less in grooming them with good values & personality?  What values you concentrate on?

o   Do you know what your child is good at? (it can be in academics or extra curriculum or both)

o   Are you giving them versatile exposure for them to absorb the world around and grow?

o   Do you spend valuable time & do issue less communication with them? OR Is you communication is like hostel warden with lots of rules of do’s and don’ts?

o   Do you give enough and truthful info to your children’s queries? OR often ignore or lie to his queries and doubts?

o   Do you give enough room for your child for open communication to easily communicate his / her mistakes to you OR he / she hide his/her mistakes from you?

o   Do you often encourage the positives within him/her OR dent his/ her negatives?

o   Are you morally right first to advise your children? OR just keep doing with what you wish than what is right for them to follow you?

o   Are you interested in leaving moral inheritance to children OR intend to leave them only with materialistic inheritance?

o   Do you wish them to have the rootedness with you with enough freedom OR ignore you as they grow up?  What do you do to emphasize that rootedness & freedom is intact?

o   Do you give them enough love by touching them OR orthodox & believe that words and wishes are enough for them to have your love?
If your answers are positives – color them blue & if your answers are negative, color them red. 
Whether you stand in blue or red, we always have room for enhancement & parenting is an ongoing challenge. 
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