Sunday, October 18, 2015

Baba helped and fulfilled the Desire of Satavadhani Doma Venkatasami Gupta

Baba helped and fulfilled the Desire of Satavadhani Doma Venkatasami Gupta, Teacher Madras.


In a certain matter which was of extreme importance, in my monetary affairs, I had a wonderful manifestation of Baba's help. The question had to be decided by a high official whose sympathies were beyond being approached for.


Yet I tried, but in vain. I felt that my only resource was Baba and without a moment's hesitation surrendered myself to Him. The effect was magical.


Two days later information was communicated to me that the officer's decision was in my favour. Thanks to Baba. I see His Divine hand in it so clearly I applied for my position in my professional way. It was one of distinction and profit. Proposal went in my favour. But a formidable opposition arose from a competitor of the other sex equipped with apparently more claims. I was very much worried. But there was nothing that I could do except praying to Baba whose protection, I enjoyed so many times before, with Baba in my mind, I interviewed the authorities who assured me that my position was safe and that there was one contingency in which the post might not arise. In a couple of days orders were communicated to me overcoming all obstacles and contingencies.


Some eight or ten days back, I lost a book of entries. I was very much worried over it. I tried my best to enquire of all and sundry where it could possibly have gone. Among these I asked my friend Mr. M. He was not aware of the where about of that book and said so. Next I prayed to Baba and was singing a song about him. At 2 P. M. three days back even I sang the Sai Mangalam, someone ran up and said that the register had been discovered among the books, registers and papers taken away from my table by "M" and he gave it to me. Sai Baba had thus came to my rescue and saved me from a lot of worry and trouble with others.


Surrender Shri Sal Completely !! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!


-          AMBROSIA IN SHIRDI – Stories after Maha Samadhi on 15-10-1918 written by Ramalingswamy – Ambrosia 24