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Guruvaar Prarthna

Guruvaar Prarthna


Beloved Sadguru Sainath, please accept our humble prayers on this Holy day of Guruvaar. Our miseries are going on increasing. When You help us a step forward, our karma pulling down two steps behind. You said that nothing will harm us who turn our attention towards You, but Maya will lash or whip us who forget You. Baba, we never ever forget you, you are our breath, You are our life and You are everything for us. We continue to pray and remember you all the time. You are our Father and  we beg You to keep your children safe and secure. On this holy day, we remember Your advice narrated by You.


134. There was a great Saint at Akkalkot.  Maharaj used to be absorbed in meditation. A devotee, who was grievously ill, was undergoing unbearable suffering.


135. He had served for a long time hoping to be rid of the disease. He was unable to bear the pain anymore. He became very dejected.


136. He determined to commit suicide, and choosing a time in the night, going to a well he threw himself in it.


137. Maharaj came there at that time and pulled him out with his own hands. "Whatever is destined has to be fully borne ", he advised him.


138. " All physical tribulations, diseases, even leprosy and all other problems, which we have because of our actions in the previous birth, unless they are fully borne, we cannot be free from them, even by committing suicide.


139. If this suffering remains unfinished, you have to be born again. Therefore, try to bear up with this trouble a little longer. Do not kill yourself ".


140. Reading this story, which was apt for the occasion, Ambdekar was surprised and felt ashamed on the spot, understanding Baba's all-pervasiveness.


141. Ambdekar realized that the fate due to previous birth must be endured. He was made to understand this at the right time and it was good that he had not attempted the reckless deed.


142. This illustrative story was like a voice from outer space. It strengthened his faith at Sai's feet. Sai's deeds are unimaginable.


143. 'Sai's warning guided through Sagun's words. If there had been some delay in getting this unexpected book, my life would have been ruined.


144. I would have lost my own life, and would have caused utter destruction of the family. My wife would have had to undergo a lot of suffering and I would not have achieved my own good nor attained my spiritual goal.


145. Baba inspired Sagun and made the book an instrument to divert my mind from committing suicide'.


146. If such an incident had not occurred, the poor man would have unnecessarily lost his life. But where there is a saviour like Sai, who would be able to kill?


147. This devotee's father had faith in Akkalkot Swami. Baba made him understand that he should follow in his father's footsteps.


148. So be it. Later everything was well. Those days passed. He studied astrology, putting in a lot of efforts, and that was rewarding.


149. He got Sai's grace and blessings. Fortune smiled upon him, later on. He became well-versed in astrology and his earlier adverse circumstances ended.


150. His love for the Guru increased, and he achieved happiness and health. He had ease and happiness in family life. He became very happy.


(from Shri Sai Samartha Satchrita, Chapter 26, Ovi 134 – 150)


"Bolo Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharajki Jai."