Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Hidden Truth Behind Alcohol and Impotence in Young Males

Why Age, Disease and Anxiety May Not Be Causing Your Lowered Virility!

Alcohol is consumed in almost toxic amounts by many young males looking to have a good time, but many are unaware that consuming large amounts of alcohol can make them impotent and cause erectile dysfunction. These terms describe the condition where an erection is difficult to achieve or hard to maintain even when being stimulate in a sexual way. Generally excessive alcohol consumption over time can cause damage to the neurological components of the body, when the penis is affected then the male becomes impotent. The erectile dysfunction caused from alcohol consumption can be permanent or temporary depending on the damage to the nervous system.

During an erection, sexual stimuli cause a physiological chain reaction which results in a vast amount of blood to flow to the penis. The brain determines whether sounds, smell, taste or touch currently being experienced is sexual. The brain then releases hormones and neurotransmitters (chemical and electronic messages) to the rest of the body to prepare for sex. These messages cause the blood vessels in the penis to become dilated and allow more blood to flow to that area, the contraction of specific muscles are also responsible for the erect nature of the penis.
Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages causes an impairment in bran function and efficiency, which manifests itself in other parts of the body such as the penis. The ability to achieve and maintain an erection is decreased due to the decreased ability of the brain to process information and send chemical and electronic messages through the body. Low levels of alcohol is known to reduce anxiety and inhibitions, making for an easier and more enjoyable sexual experience, but when the levels consumed are too high then erectile problems become pronounced.
Alcohol can also cause erectile dysfunction and impotence due to drug- food interactions. Many antibiotics and other prescription medications have warnings that advise against consuming alcohol when taking the medication. This is due to the fact that the alcohol can interfere with the correct functioning of the drug and can have unintended side effects, one of which is impotence.
If you think that your impotence may have been caused by excessive alcohol consumption, you should always tell this to your doctor or health care professional. They will advise you in terms of which treatment options are best for you and how you can remedy the situation as well as avoiding future recurrences. Having a blast and getting drunk may seem like fun now, but you might be one of the many young men suffering from alcohol related impotence, so enjoy alcohol in moderate amounts.