Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Often we misjudge people worse

A young couple had been married for several years and could never have children. To not feel alone, they bought a Rottweiler puppy and loved him as his own son. The puppy grew to become a large, beautiful dog, except on more than one occasion the couple being attacked by robbers. He was always faithful, wanted and defended its owners against any danger.

After seven years of having the dog, the couple manage to have the long-awaited son. The couple was very happy with her new son and decreased the attention they had with the dog. This is felt neglected and began to be jealous of the baby and the dog was no longer loving and faithful who had for seven years.

One day the couple left the baby sleeping peacefully in his cradle and went to the terrace to prepare a roast. What was his surprise when they were heading to the nursery and see the dog in the hallway with a bloody mouth, moving them tail. The dog's owner thought the worst, pulled out a weapon he carried and immediately killed the dog. Spread the baby's room and finds a beheaded snake. The owner begins to mourn and exclaims I killed my faithful dog!

How often have we misjudged people Worse, the judge and condemn without investigating their behavior to be, what are your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes things are not as bad as they seem, but the opposite.

The next time we are tempted to judge and condemn anyone remember the story of a faithful dog, so learn not bear false against a person to the point of damaging their image among others.