Thursday, October 3, 2013

Matrimonial Listing for the month ending September 2013


Hindu, Devanga Chettiar, Telugu, Sunthaa vaalu, Thiruvathirai, Mithunam, Slim, Fair, Coimbatore, MBA, Looking for Groom in same caste, educated, in good job,  Profile No. G100302
Hindu, Devanga, ChettiarTelugu, Gothram - Kabila Maharishi, Makam, Simham, 30 yrs, 153 cms, Divorced, DECE, Thuraiyur, Trichy, Profile No.: G093006,
Hindu, SC, Parayan, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Puratathi, Meena, 30 yrs, 155 cms, 60 kgs, Fair, PhD., Teaching Profession, 2.0 Lakhs p.a., Trichy,  Looking for Groom in same caste, 32 yrs, 160 cms, Tamil, Degree education, any profession, 4.0 Lakhs p.a., No smoking, no drinking. Profile No.: G092802
Hindu, Devanga, Telugu, Gothram - Sugamaharishi, Mrigasirisham, 23 yrs, 5'2.5", 60 kgs, BE, Software Professional, 3.0 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Groom in same caste, 26-29 yrs, 5'6" - 6'0", BE, ME., Software or any other good profession, parents from Coimbatore and boy may be working in Bangalore or abroad, 8.0 Lakhs p.a., or above income, Good Looking, smart in his profession, bold, hard working and caring. Profile No.: G092302, 
Christian, Telugu, Tamil, 44 yrs, 5'0", 63 kgs, Slim, +2 Hr Sec., Nursing Care Taker, Chennai, Looking for Groom  in any religion/caste, 47-55 yrs, Telugu/Tamil/English, living in any city, good and regular occupation, income sufficient, Good habits/hobbies, peaceful life partner till end. Profile No.: G092001,
Hindu, Chettiar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Mrigasirisham, Makara, Chevva Dosam, 33 yrs, 150 cms, 53 kgs, MBA, Manager, 0.6 Lakh p.a., Gudalur, Looking for Groom in any backward caste, 34 - 40 yrs, 160 cms, Chevva Dosam, Tamil/Kannada, any city in Tamilnadu, PG or Professional Degree, Good Job in Govt or Pvt sector, Profile No.: G091302,
Hindu, Veera Saiva Jangam (Uppu Jangam), Telugu, Gothram - Siva, Uthram, Kanni, 29 yrs, 157 cms, 55 kgs, M.Sc., B.Ed., Bank Employee, 2 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Groom in same caste, 30-35 yrs, 160-165 cms, Telugu, Around Coimbatore/Palakkad, Graduate, Government employee/Teacher/Working in reputed company, Adjustable type, clean habits, respectable family background. Profile No.: G091201,
Hindu, Thoraiyar, Kannada Naicker, Gothram - Siva, Tamil/Kannadam, Vishakam, Tula, 26 yrs, 5'3", 55 kgs, MBA, Private Job, 2.0 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Groom in same caste, 27-32 yrs, 5'6" to 5'11", Kannadam/Tamil, from any city in Tamilnadu, Profile No.: G082302,
Hindu, Nadar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Rohini, Rishabam, 21 yrs, 5'5", 55 kgs, Slim, B.E (ECE), Erode, Looking for Groom in same caste, 24-28 yrs, 5'6" to 5'11", Tamil, any city in Tamilnadu or Bangalore, BE/BTech/MBA/MCA/MBBS, Jovial nature with good understanding personality. Profile No.: G082102, 
Hindu, Devanga, Gothram - Pathanjali Maharishi, Telugu, Divorced, Puratathi, Kumba, 27 yrs, 5'2", 67 kgs, B.Sc., Chennai, Looking for Groom in Hindu, any caste, 29-33 yrs, 5'7" - 6'0", Divorced, Tamil/Telugu/Kannada, in Chennai or Bangalore, right partner who understands very well about family values, take very good care of her and baby. Profile No.: G072701,
Hindu, Adi Dravidar - SC, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Chithirai, Tula, 34 yrs, 5'2", Slim, Fair, M.Com., B.Ed., P.G Assistant, 4.2 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking for Groom in Hindu, any caste, 34-39 yrs, 5'0"-5'5", Tamil,  PG Degree, Any occupation, Caring and sharing person. Profile No.: G070805,
Hindu, Devanga, Mottamvaru, Gothram - Krounjalya Maharishi, Telugu, Ayilyam, Katagam, 26 yr, 5'0", 50 kgs, B.Com., C.A. Inter in progress, Auditor Assistant, Looking for Groom in same caste, 27-30 yrs, 5'0"-5'6", Any Degree, Good Job, Good and Pure habits, Faith in God, Respecting elders and salary sufficient enough to make regular savings. Profile No.: G070601,
Hindu, Boyer, Gothram - Karumbakulam, Telugu, Puram, Simham, 23 yrs, 5'5", 55 kgs., Wheatish, SSLC, Cashier, Coimbatore, Looking for Groom in same caste, 25-30 yrs, 5'5"-5'11", around Coimbatore with 2 hrs travel, any degree, good job, good income, Profile No.: G070204,
Hindu, Senguntha Mudhaliar, Gothram - Siva, Aswini, Mesham, 25 yrs, 5'2", 58 kgs, Fair, D.Ted, B.Com, MBA, Erode, Looking for Groom in same caste, 28-30 yrs, 5'7", Tamil, living in any city, MBA, MCA Any PG Degree, Software, Banking or Teaching professional, having good characters. Profile No.: G070202,
Hindu, Pillai Sozhiya vellalar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Puram, Simham, 25 yrs, 160 cms, 52 kgs, Fair, BHMS, Consultant Homeopathy, Doctor, 2.4 Lakhs p.a., Tiruppur, Looking for Groom in same caste, age upto 30 yrs, 160 - 180 cms, Tamil, any city, Doctor/Engineer/any professional degree with good job, 3.0 lakhs p.a., having Raghu Kedhu in 2nd house. Profile No.: G070103,
Hindu, Veerasaivam Yogeeswarar, Gothram - Siva, Ayilyam, Katagam, 26 yrs, 172 cms, 69 kgs, Slim, Fair, B.Arch., Profession - Architect, 6.0 Lakhs p.a., Madurai, Looking for Groom in Hindu, Caste no bar,  27-32 yrs, 172 - 185 cms, Tamil, B.E., B.Tech., M.Tech or M.E.,  Any educated, working with 6.0 Lakhs above income, flexible, modern outlook. Profile No.: G070101,
Hindu, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D, 5'5", Madurai, 30 yrs, Further details requested,  E-Mail id: meena lochani, Contact Number 9965386289, 0452-2459574 Looking for Groom. Profile No.: G062601,
Hindu, Pillai, Tamil, Chithirai, Kanni, Divorced, No Issues, 24 yrs, 155 cms, 50 kgs, Slim, Fair, MBA, Working Professional, 1.0 Lakh p.a., Sivakasi, Looking for Groom in same caste, below 32 yrs, any marital status, 160-170 cms, Tamil, Coimbatore, any degree, profession or business, 1.8 Lakhs p.a., Good Character. Profile No.: G062505,
Hindu, Vaniya Chettiar, Tamil, Mrigasirisham, Rishabam, B.Com, Theni, Looking for Groom in same caste, in Tamilnadu, government employed with good charactor. Profile No.: G062407,
Hindu, Nadar, Tamil, Moolam, Dhanus, 27 yrs, 4'2", 52 kgs, Fair, B.A., W0rking in private company, 1.0 Lakh p.a., Madurai, Looking Groom in same caste, 28-33 yrs, 5.0 to 5.5 ft, Tamil, living in Madurai, Dindugul, Virudhunagar or Sivakasi, understanding and adjustable character. Profile No.: G062404,
Hindu, Pillai, Saiva Pillai, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Swathi, Tula, 28 yrs, 5'2", 50 kgs, Slim,Wheatish, MCA, Profession - Software Engineer, 2.0 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking for Groom in same caste, 29-32 yrs, Slim, employed at private or government. Profile No.: G062304,
Hindu, Naicker, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Divorced - No issues, Hastham, Kanni, 33 yrs, 5'2", 68 kgs, Fair, BBM, Tiruppur, Looking for Groom in Hindu, any caste, 35-40 yrs, Divorced, No Horoscope match, Tamil, any city in Tamilnadu, Profile No.: G062204,
Hindu, Maruthuvar, Kongu, Tamil, Aswini, Mesham, 35 yrs, 145 cms, 56 kgs, Wheatish, M.Sc., M.Phil., Profession Teacher, 4.5 Lakhs p.a., Tiruppur, Looking for Groom in same caste, 36-38 yrs, 165 cms and above, should be affectionate and hard worker. Profile No.: G061904,
Hindu, Pillai, Tirunelveli Saiva Pillai, Tamil, Puram, Simham, Chevva Dosam, 25 yrs, 160 cms, 47 kgs, Very Fair, M.Sc., Computer Science, Profession - E-Book, Tirunelveli, Looking Grooms in same caste, 27-31 yrs, 165 cms, Tamil, B.E., or Master Degree, Profile No.: G061703, 
 Hindu, Sozhia Vellalar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Uthram, Simham, 24 yrs, 158 cms, 55 kgs, Very fair, M.B.B.S., Profession - Doctor in Private Hospital, 4 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking Groom in same caste, age 26-30 yrs, 160-170 cms, Tamil, within Tamilnadu, BE, ME, MCA, or MBBS, middle class family with good habits, good family background. Profile No.: G061702, 
Hindu, Kongu Vellalar Gounder, Tamil, Swathi, Tula, Chevva Dosam, 22 yrs, 5'2", 48 kgs, Fair, B.E., Computer Science, Profession Software Engineer, Coimbatore, Looking for Groom in same caste, age 24-28, Chevva Dosam, B.E., and above, software profession, from good family background and disciplined family.  Profile No.:G061303C
 Hindu, Mudaliar, Thondaimandala, Tamil, 52 yrs, 5'0", 70 kgs, Diploma in Commercial Practice, Chennai, Looking for Groom, 52 yrs and above, well settled, Religion/Caste/Horoscope no bar, good human beingProfile No.: G061201
Hindu, Agamudiar, Siva Gothram, Tamil, Uthradam, Makara, 23 yrs, 5'0", 50 kgs, slim, fair, MCA, Coimbatore, Looking for Groom age between 25-29 yrs, 5'4" to 6'0", in same religion and caste, vegetarian, any P.G. Degree, Profession Government Service, Good Character, Profile No.:G060902
Hindu, Pillai, Vellalar, 27 yrs,5' 6", 60 kgs, Fair, Tamil, Anusham, Vrichigam, BE, SAP Functional Consultant, Chennai, looking for groom from same caste, education BE, ME, MBA, Working for I.T in Coimbatore/Chennai/Bangalore, Profile No.: G060204
Hindu, Naidu, Janakala, Telugu, Aswini, 28 yrs, 157 cms, 50 kgs, MBA, MPhil, Coimbatore, Looking Groom from same caste, good job and education, Profile No.: G060203
Hindu, Devanga, Telugu, 25 yrs, 5'4", 40 kgs, slim, Chithirai, Tula, B.Tech (I.T), Working as Testing Engineer, looking for educated with good job in same community. Profile No. G060101
Hindu, Brahmin - Iyers, 26, 142 cms, 48 Kgs, Fair, MS, Biological Sciences, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, English, Bangalore, Naidrupa Kashyapa, Mrigashiras, Looking for Mature, Post graduate, preferably in the USA. Profile No. G050201,  


Hindu, Senguntha Mudaliar, Tamil, Bharani, Mesham, 31 yrs, 169 cms, 58 kgs, Fair, B.E., Profession - Banking Sector, 2.4 Lakhs p.a., Sathyamangalam, Looking for Bride in same caste, 25-28 yrs, 154-172 cms, Tamil, Living in nearer districts, BE, ME., BEd, DTED educated, Lecturer or teacher, Profile No.: B100301,
Hindu, Brahmin, Bracharnam, Gothram - Sankruthi, Tamil, Hastham, Kanni, 33 yrs, 156 cms, 70 kgs, Fair, DAE., General & Vehicle Insurance Advisor, 2.0 Lakhs p.a., Salem, Looking for Bride in same caste, 26-31 yrs, 157-158 cms, Tamil, living anywhere in Tamilnadu, SSLC to Degree, Willing to arrange for Govt. job if interested after marriage. Profile No.: B100202,
Hindu, Devanga, Chettiar, Telugu, Gothram  Valkilya Maharishi, Puratathi, Meena, 31 yrs, 180 cms, 80 kgs, Wheatish, B.E., Design Engineer, 3.0 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 23-28 yrs, 150-160 cms, Telugu, Nice girl to take respect of our family and relatives. Profile No.: B100201,
Hindu, Brahmin, Iyer, Gothram - Srivatsya, Tamil, Puram, Simham, 38 yrs, 5'8", 71 kgs, B.Com, Graphic Designer, 1.5 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking for Bride in same caste, 30-37 yrs, 5'0"-5'4", Tamil, average education, any job, 1.2 Lakhs p.a., Balance tempo in family life. Profile No.: B093007
Hindu, Devanga, Telugu, Gothram - Kabila Maharishi, Makam, Simham, 38 yrs, SSLC, Pharmacy Staff, 1.08 Laks p.a., Trichy Looking for Bride in same caste. For missing details in profile, call directly in mobile phone numbers. Profile No.: B093005,
Hindu, Naidu, Kammavar, Telugu, Gothram - Karumburi, Aswini, Mesham, 29 yrs, DEEE, Senior Executive in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, NRI, 12 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore,  Looking for Bride in same caste, 22-26 yrs, girl with good habits and from respectable family. Willing to go to Muscat after marriage. Profile No.: B093004,
Hindu, Devanga, Telugu, Gothram - Valkilya Maharishi, Sadayam, Kumba, 36 yrs, 5'6", 67 kgs, MBA, Branch Manager, 4.5 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 29-34 yrs, 4'6"-5'5", Living in Coimbatore, Profile No.: B093003,
Hindu, Naidu, Gothram - Papalla, Telugu, Divorced, Thiruvonam, Makara, Horoscope no bar, 43 yrs, 162 cms, 68 kgs, very fair, MCA, Running fancy store, Insurance Agent, 2.5 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in Hindu, any caste, any marital status, Horoscope no bar, any city in Tamilnadu, girl with Positive attitude. Profile No.: B093002,
Hindu, ChettiarTelugu,  Gothram - Pagadal, Tamil, Thiruvadirai, Mithunam, 33 yrs, 5'4", 60 kgs, Slim, Fair, SSLC, Office Boy, 1.2 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking for Bride in any Hindu BC caste, 22 - 26 yrs, living in Chennai, SSLC, Truthful life partner. Profile No.: B093001
Hindu, Reddy, Ganjam, Tamil, Swathi, Tula, 35 yrs, 5'7", 65 kgs, Very fair, B.Com., M.A., Own Business, 5.0 Lakhs p.a., Ernakulam, Looking for Bride in Reddy or Saiva Pillai caste, 28-33 yrs, Horoscope no bar, Vegetarian, Tamil, Living in Tirunelveli/Theni/Madurai/Trichy, calm and lovable girl. Profile No.: B092901
Hindu, Kammavar Naidu, Gothram - Pappala, Telugu, Divorced, No issues, Poosam, Katagam, Horoscope no bar, 36 yrs, 176 cms, 80 kgs, Wheatish, DEEE, Self Employed, 3.0 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, Divorced, 28-33 yrs, 155 - 174 cms, Horoscope no bar, Telugu, any city in Tamilnadu, Simple, normal, adjustable, to lead peaceful life. Profile No.: B092801,
Hindu, Devanga, Telugu, Gothram - Valkilyamaharishi, Thiruvadirai, Mithunam, 27 yrs, 6'2", BBM, MBA., Management Accountant, 3.6 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, Telugu, Tamil, Coimbatore, Profile No.: B092503,
Hindu, Devanga, Telugu, Gothram - Pathanjali Maharishi, Chithirai, Tula, 29 yrs, 5'6", 70 kgs, slim, B.Sc., MBA, Own Business in Media, 6.0 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 22-25 yrs, 5'3" - 5'5", any degree, Homely girl, knows good cooking, should maintain family. Profile No.: B092502,
Hindu, Devanga, Telugu, Gothram - Maithrei Maharishi, 32 yrs, 168 cms, 58 kgs, Slim, MFM, Sr. Accountant, 3.2 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride with any degree, Adjustable and good family background. Profile No.:B092501,  
Hindu, Devanga, Telugu, Tamil, Gothram - Sanathsujatharishi, Puratathi, Kumbha, 33 yrs, 5'5", 98 kgs, BE., Software Professional, 13 Lakhs p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 26-32 yrs, 4'9"-5'4",  Bride with good family background with degree. Profile No.: B092401,
Hindu, Gajula Balija Naidu, Gavara, Pooram, Simham, 48 yrs, 5'9", B.Sc., Production cum Quality Officer, 5.0 Lakhs p.a., Bangalore, Looking for Bride in same caste, good home maker, graduate preferably. Profile No.: B092301,
Hindu, Devanga, Telugu, Gothram - Krounchala Maharishi, Kettai, Vrichigam, 27 yrs, 5'8", 65 kgs, BE, MSc., (Chem) in BITS, Pilani, PGDCM-IIM Kolkata, Senior Associate in Quikr, Mumbai, 10.25 Lakhs p.a., Mumbai, Looking for Bride in same caste, 21-26 yrs, 5'3"-5'7", Living in Coimbatore/Mumbai, Any PG or Graduate, Good Looking Girl of any complexion. Profile No.: B092201,
Hindu, Vishwakarma, Telugu, Uthiram, Simham, 26 yrs, 5'6", Fair, MCA, Senior Consultant, Infosys, Chennai, 9.96 Lakhs p.a.,  Looking for Bride in same caste, educated, cultured from respectable family. Profile No.: B092101,
Hindu, Vaniya Chettiar, Gothram - Kaythalamagarishi, Tamil, Thiruvadirai, Mithunam, Horoscope no bar, 36 yrs, 155 cms, 54 kgs, M.Sc., Chemistry, Doing Ph.D in Chemistry in Taiwan, 5 Lakhs p.a., China, Taiwan, Chiyai city, Looking for Bride in same caste, Horoscope no bar, Tamil, Trichy, any degree, from good family and manage family. Profile No.: B091702,
Hindu, Ramanandi Sadhu, Gothram - Ramanuj, Gujarati, Divorced, Chithirai, Mithunam, Horoscope no bar, 26 yrs, 5'1", 42 kgs, Slim, Fair, High School Education, Property Stamp Writer, 1.25 Lakhs p.a., Becharaji City, Looking for Bride, Marital status - any, Religion/Caste - any, Horoscope no bar, Gujarati/Hindi speaking, living in any city, bride who love him a lot, take care of his 11 month baby. Profile No.: B091701,
Hindu, Thiyya, Malayalam, Chithirai, Dhanus, Horoscope no bar, 40 yrs, 6'2", 68 kgs, B.Com, Photography Profession, 3.0-4.0 Lakhs p.a.,Coimbatore Looking for Bride in same caste, 5'0" - 5'8", Malayalam, Horoscope no bar, Degree, no expectations. Profile No.: B091301,
Hindu, Pillai, Kodikkapillai, Karkathapillai, Tamil, Anusham, Vrichigam, Horoscope no bar, 31 yrs, 160 cms, 60 kgs, Fair, B.Com, Quality Controller, 5.0+ Lakhs p.a., Madurai, near Thirumangalam, Looking for Bride in Hindu, any caste, 22-26 yrs, 160 cms, Tamil or Malayalam, City Madurai, Theni, Cumbam or Thenkasi, any degree, B.Sc Nurshing preferred, understanding and adjustable girl. Profile No.: B091101,
Hindu, Kamma Naidu, Komminnar Kulam, Gothram - Pappella, Telugu, Poosam, Katagam, Horoscope no bar, 32 yrs, 180 cms, 78 kgs, Fair, B.Com., Cotton and Yarn Conversion Business, 8.0 Lalks p.a., Coimbatore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 26-32 yrs, Horoscope no bar, Telugu, Good looking bridegroom. Profile No.: B090901, 
Hindu, Pillaimar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Poosam, Katagam, 26 yrs, 173 cms, 74 kgs, Slim, MCA, Testing Engineer in Infosys, Chennai, 5.0 Lakhs p.a., Looking for Bride in same caste, 20-25 yrs, 167 cms, Tamil, BE, MCA, MSc., Profile No.: B090803,
Hindu, Kamma Naidu, Gothram - Mullutla, Telugu, Chithirai, Kanni, 43 yrs, 175 cms, 70 kgs, Slim, Diploma, Small Business, 1.0 Lakh plus, Looking for Bride in same caste or Balija Naidu, Reddy or Brahmins, 34-38 yrs, 160-175, Living in any city, any education, Read expectation in profile sheet, Profile No.:B090802,
Hindu, Kongu Vellala Gounder, Kanandhaikulam, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Hastham, Kanni, 30 yrs, 173 cms, 54 kgs, Slim, Very Fair, BE (CSE), Senior Software Engineer, 5.5 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Looking for Bride in same caste or any, 24-30 yrs, 5'0"-5'8", Tamil, any city in Tamilnadu, BE, PG, Profile No.:B090801,
Hindu, Senguntha Mudhaliar, Gothram - Siva, Tamil, Poosam, Chevva Dosam, 29 yrs, 5'6", 56 kgs, Very fair, BCA, Purchase Officer, 1.8 Lakhs p.a., Chennai, Vellore, Looking for Bride in same caste, 24-29 yrs, 5'0" to 5'8", Chevva Dosam, Tamil, Chennai or any city in Tamilnadu, +2 or any qualification, Job not required, Homely Girl. Profile No.: B090201,