Wednesday, November 30, 2016


GURUVAAR   PRARTHNA - 01/12/2016




Our Beloved Sadguru Sainath, please accept our humble prayers on this Holy Day of Guruvaar. Baba, like sun, You are our best Teacher, as the sun rises up whether it's dark, cloudy or windy, it continues its duty whether we like it or not to protect the lives on the earth. Like the sun rises up from the clouds of hardships, You always helping us to rise up from our negativity, unforgiveness attitude, painful experiences on all corners, and mental wounds from our near and dear. We believe You are with us and You alone safeguarding us from all odds and evils. On this holy day, we start our prayers by reading your divine guidance from Shri Sai Samartha Satcharitra.





In a holy place like Shirdi, on a Thursday, an auspicious day, I wished to chant the name of 'Ram' continuously the whole day.



On Wednesday night, on the bed, until I fell asleep, I fixed my mind on the chanting of the name of 'Ram' and engrossed it in my heart.



When I woke up early in the morning, I was reminded of the name of 'Ram'. When this happened, I thought that my tongue had really justified its existence.



Therefore I firmly decided to continue thus. Having finished my morning ablutions, I took some flowers, that I found, along with me and set out to have Sai's early morning darshan.



Leaving behind Dixit's home and passing outside Butti's wada, I heard a sweet song beautifully sung by Aurangabadkar.



If I try to put the whole song in the ovimetre, the listeners will be deprived of its original beauty and may not enjoy it.



So, I will sing the whole song for you, word by word, by which the loving listeners will be happy. The song contains the basic upadesh.



"Oh, my brother, I have received the collyrium of Guru's Grace.

I do not believe in anyone but Ram. (Chorus)


1. Within me is Ram and without is Ram.

Even in dreams it is Sita-Ram.


2. Sleeping and waking is Ram.

Wherever my eyes go they see perfect Ram.


3. The beautiful experience of the disciple of Janardhan – I see Ram wherever my sight moves. "



Already, I had decided and resolved to chant the name of Ram. But before commencing to do it, this song which I heard added strength.



Thus, I was convinced. Had the great compassionate Sai showered that water on that seed of my resolve?



Carrying a tamburi in his hand, Aurangabadkar, facing Sai, in the courtyard, was singing full-throatedly and the notes spread everywhere.



Aurangabadkar was Baba's devotee. Like me, he had surrendered at his feet. Though he knew so many songs by heart, why was he inspired to sing the particular one at that time.



No one was aware of my resolution. Then, why was only that song being sung? It is as if Baba had pulled the strings and inspired him accordingly.



We are all mere puppets and mother Sai is the controller.

He rightly suggested the upasana without directly saying so.





I bow down to Sree Ganesh

I bow down to Sree Saraswati

I bow down to the Guru

I bow down to the Family Deity

I bow down to Sree Sita-Ramachandra

I bow down to Sree Sadguru Sainath.




Sarveshaam Svaastir Bhavatu

Sarveshaam Shaantir Bhavatu

Sarveshaam Poornam Bhavatu

Sarveshaam Mangalam Bhavatu

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanteeh




-(from Shri Sai Samartha Satchrita, Chapter  19, Ovi  167 - 179)