Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Guruvaar Prarthna

Guruvaar Prarthna


Our Beloved Sadguru Sainath, please accept our humble prayers on this Holy day of Guruvaar. Baba, we come to you to get bread, but forgot to bring a basket to carry it. We look for you to get Your blessings, but You find our minds are engulfed with worldly triviality. We are unable to dig out and take away wealth from Your treasury which is over flowing. Please adopt us as Your blessed children to inherit ourselves with this wealth. On this holy day we start our prayers by reading Your words given in Satcharita.


"Baba! I come prostrated before you. I am totally surrendered to you. Take this child, under your wing. Get the pothi read by me".


'I realised what was meant by 'rags'. What I had asked Balakram, constituted 'rags' and Sai had not approved of that and had, therefore, got angry.


'Baba had not liked my questioning Balakram as to how he worshipped or how he meditated on Parabrahma.


As Baba was ready to answer any questions himself, why ask questions to one another? Therefore, I had been tremendously harassed.


'Harassed' – that word itself is rude and impudent. He who was overflowing with love for the devotees did not even dream of harassing his devotees. Then the word and its use is wrong.


He did not harass but he taught me, that 'whatever is in your mind, all that has to be fulfilled by me and whatever is stolen will never be of any use'.


Though Sai appeared outwardly to be angry he was always calm within. He appeared angry outwardly but he was full of bliss within.


The anger that was shown outwardly was on account of affection. Within, he was in divine bliss.  One must be fortunate to sing of the grandeur of that Sai's leela.


He who has an intense desire to achieve his objective believes that the volley of abuses is a shower of flowers and blessings, keeping one's mind fixed on one's own welfare.


Deo was not shaken on hearing the very abusive words which were offensive to the ears. He was full of love for Baba and he felt that only a shower of flowers had rained on him.


"Only the fortunate can enjoy the milk with which the cow's teat is gorged. The cattle louse, though near the teats full of milk, prefers blood due to its fate.


The frog lives in the vicinity of the lotus flowers. The bee snatches the honey from the lotus, while unfortunately the frog eats only the filth. There is no limit to the bee's good fortune.


Similarly, you are fortunate. We are close to one another. Ask whatever you want and get your doubts clarified", says Sai.


"Observe my obstinacy about the pothi. I did not open the Dhyaneshwari to read till the moment he said READ. And Baba fully fulfilled my desire".


I bow down to Sree Ganesh

I bow down to Sree Saraswati

I bow down to the Guru

I bow down to the Family Deity

I bow down to Sree Sita-Ramachandra

I bow down to Sree Sadguru Sainath.


-(from Shri Sai Samartha Satchrita, Chapter  41, Ovi 144 - 157)