Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dakshana to Baba

Dakshana to Baba


Judge (MB Rege) in 1912, went to see Baba with Rs.100/- in his pocket.


Baba: Give me dakshana Rs. 40/-

That was given.


Again Baba: Give me dakshana Rs.40/-

That was given.


Again Baba: Give me Rs. 20/-

That also was given by the judge, who noted that Baba was reducing him to zero condition.


Later, Baba to Judge: Give me Rs.40/- dakshina.


Judge: I have nothing to give.


Baba: Then go and get the money and give.


Judge: To whom am I to go.


Baba: Shyama.

Then Judge went to Shyama and told him.


Shyama: You have not understood Baba. He cares a rap for you rupees. What he wants is your mind and heart, your time and soul to be devoted to him. That is his meaning.

The Judge went back and reported to Baba.


Baba, smiling: Go to Dixit and ask him.

The Judge went and told Dixit.


Dixit: Baba's directions to you must be understood in the circumstances as a lesson to you and that you should not feel absence of money or the begging for money or for anything else to be a humiliation and that you should not consider yourself to be above begging.

Judge went and reported to Baba.


Baba, smiling: Go to Nana (N.G. Chandorkar)

Judge went and reported to Nana.


NGC: I know how delicate it is, when baba asks for Dakshina and there is nothing to be given. You must learn my plans and ways. Whenever I go to Shirdi, I start with a certain sum and leave half of it at Kopergaon, e.g., on this occation I came with Rs.200/= and left half of it at Kopergaon and came to Shirdi with Rs.100/- only. I go on giving dakshana out of the stock in hand to Baba and when it is exhausted, I send for the reserve at Kopergaon. You must adopt this plan.


Judge went and reported this to Baba.

Baba then sent for Nana and Nana came.


Baba: Nana, give me Rs.40/-

And Nana paid it and went away.

Again he was sent for.


Baba: Nana, give me Rs.40/- more.


Again Baba sent for Nana and collected Rs.20/-. Then Nana sent someone to Kopergaon for the reserve fund, but before it came, Baba wanted more from Nana and Nana felt humiliated.


The lesson taught by these demands for dakshana was that it was a presumption on the part of anyone to think that he himself was the great providence supplying Baba or that anyone could supply all that Baba might ask for.


(- from Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 249)