Monday, June 23, 2014

Get Connected to God

Get Connected to God


A man went to his Guru, complaining of utter fatigue and exhaustion. "Swamiji, I just cannot cope anymore," he complained, "Please help me!"


The Guru took him to an inner chamber, where there were two clocks on the table. Both were ticking away merrily. One was a clock that needed to be wound every day; the other was connected to the mains with a power cable.


"This clock ticks for no more than 24 hrs," said the Guru, pointing to the first clock. "After just one day, it will slow down and begin to lose time gradually. I have to come in every morning and wind it up, to keep it going, or else it will soon come to a stop."


He pointed out to the electric clock. "This one you can see, is connected to a source of high power, and with the energy from that source, it keeps going, on and on. It does not need to be wound up every day, it just goes on, ticking merrily."


The man stared at the two clocks, unable to understand what the Guru was saying.


"You must connect yourself to God – the Source of the highest, purest and best energy in the Universe," said the Guru. "Then you will not have to be pushed from outside. No one will have to wind you, or give you a boost. You will draw all the energy and wisdom from the Universe through your connection with God, and nothing can stop you!"


The world looks bleak and miserable to those who are fatigued. Give the body enough sleep; recharge your heart and soul by connecting yourself to God constantly. Then, your soul can work to relieve your stress and restore your depleted energy.