Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10 Things That Successful Employees Do On A Regular Basis

Success is not an accident. Successful people have achieved success not because luck or chance has favored them. It is because they do certain things on a regular basis that compound to major gains over time. However, when we analyze the trajectories of successful people, we only see what's on the surface. Very few of us bother to delve deep and find out the 'X' factors behind their achievements. Continuous hard work, long-term vision, planning, strategy, execution, communication, and many more things contribute to one's success in professional life. Let us take a look at the 10 key factors that make a successful employee in a corporate house. 

1. Successful employees treat their jobs as their own work

Of course, they are employed by a company and report to their immediate bosses, but they always take ownership of their work and set their own standards in terms of achievements. As they are driven by self-made goals and targets, they don't find it difficult to stay motivated and do not require a carrot-and-stick approach at work.

2. They have clear and direct communication

All human relationships, be it personal and professional, depend on good communication. Also, most glitches at the workplace occur due to lack of clear communication and direction. A successful employee realizes that and hence, maintains an impeccable line of communication with the management. Such an approach makes sure that differences, if any, will soon get ironed out.

3. They ask for honest feedback

Successful employees know that only constant improvement and growth will lead them to ultimate success. While most people do not look forward to getting feedback, especially of the negative kind, these professionals are more than willing to accept constructive criticism in a bid to become a better professional. Their competition is with no one but themselves.

4. They offer help selflessly

Goodwill is one of the most important assets that you can cultivate for yourself and successful employees know that very well. That is why they are ready to help anyone (yes, even beyond their specific domains and responsibilities) who may need it. They are generous with their time and efforts, and don't mind pitching in when it is required. As a result, they receive a lot of favors and goodwill in return. That is definitely a win-win situation as good reputation and good words go a long way in a corporate environment.

5. They value everybody's time, most importantly their own

Being generous with favors does not mean successful employees spend innumerable hours in the office. Quite the contrary. They are very careful about spending their time in the most productive way. In other words, they don't waste their and others' valuable time in unproductive activities. This means they are always punctual, meet deadlines, and expect the same standards from everyone.

6. They invest in learning new skills

All companies get their HRD to organize workshops and training sessions - so that their employees can keep updating their knowledge and expertise for their respective jobs. Most employees treat these as a waste of time. So they either skip them or don't pay much attention. But successful employees know that investing in skills enhancement will reap much bigger returns. Therefore, they never miss those opportunities and make the best of them. Hence, they emerge as leaders as their knowledge bank is bigger than most.

7. They volunteer for big projects

While most people try and avoid getting burdened with more work, successful employees put themselves out there to play a key role in big projects. They make sure that they shine at the job given to them and make their contribution to the best of their abilities. That's how they get noticed and rewarded.

8. They do not schedule meetings in the morning

They use the early part of the day to get the important tasks done. Mornings are the most productive part of the day and one can do twice the work during pre-lunch hours than in the post-lunch session. Successful employees know that and schedule all team meetings during the second half of the day, barring urgent issues.

9. They always behave in a professional manner

Quite often, it is the least followed decorum in many offices. Bonding and developing team spirit are welcome activities among employees. However, there is a thin line here that may get overlooked. Personal jokes, offensive banter, indulging in gossip, ugly fights, and invading someone's privacy should be strictly avoided in a professional environment. Successful employees understand this very well and draw the line when it comes to official interactions, formal or informal.

10. They know their worth

The foremost reason why even highly competent employees tend to slack off is that they feel undervalued and unappreciated. But unless you assert your value at the workplace, you are not likely to get your fair share of recognition. Organizations work to optimize their profit and unless asked for, will not offer increment on their own. This is something well understood by successful employees and they make sure that they are well compensated for their efforts and work ethics. Every company wants to retain happy and satisfied employees. So their work rarely goes unrewarded and is often regarded with respect. This, in turn, ensures that successful employees stay motivated and remain satisfied with their jobs.