Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Whorship Baba as God in all

Whorship Baba as God in all


Baba: Nana, I would like Pooran Poli. Prepare it for Naivedya and bring it. 

NGC: It is late. There is no cook. 

Baba: Never mind. 

Then NGC got eight Pooran Polies and side dishes and placed them before Baba. 

NGC: Baba. Taste. 

Baba waited a while. Then ants and flies settled on the poli. 

Baba: Good. Take away the plates. 

NGC: How is it you ask me to take the plates, without touching them? If you were not to eat anything, why ask me to prepare this? Unless you take something, I will not take away the plates nor eat food. 

Baba: I have eaten the poli, take the plates away and have your meal. 

Nana: You took the poli! When? What was brought on the plates remains just as it was. Unless you eat, I will not remove these. 

NGC left the Dwaraka Mayi and lay down at the chavadi with hunger. 

(Baba unable to endure the sympathetic suffering he underwent, sent for Nana.) 

(Baba: Nana, at some time, I took your poli. Do not be obstinate. Take the plates away and eat,

NGC again went back in a huff to the chavadi. Baba again sent for him. 

Baba: What, Nana, you have been with me 18 years. Is this all that you have learnt? Is this your appraisal of me? Does Baba mean to you, only this visible body of 3 ½ cubits height? Is that all? 

Hallo! I eat in the form of the ant. I eat in the fly that eats. I take what form I choose and eat in the form. I have taken your poli long ago. Do not continue inexcusably obstinate. 

Nana: Though you said, I understand (realise) nothing. What am I to do? If you make me understand it, I will then take the plates away and eat my food. 

Then Baba made a gesture revealing his knowledge of some secrets hid by nana deep in his heart and unknown to anyone else. Nana was thereby convinced that Baba was his innermost soul (Antaryami) and therefore Sarvantaryami of all, inclusing ants and flies, etc., 

NGC: I will take away the plates. 

Baba: Nana, as you see this sign that I make, you will see that I can take food (in those forms). 


(From Baba's Charters and Saying – 199)