Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Let Him in! Let Him in!! Let Him in!!!

Let Him in!  Let Him in!!  Let Him in!!! 

Every new day is an assurance that Baba  still has faith in us, that He is sure that we will make the best possible use of the precious gift that He has so generously bestowed on us.

 As every new day dawns, let us remember Sai Baba and His great love, His great hopes for us. All we need to do is reciprocate His love and strive to live up to His hopes! And this is not really difficult

 Let us love Shirdi Sainath Maharaj. Let us love our fellow beings, all creatures that breathe the breath of life, even as we love ourselves. Let us revere the One Supreme Self that animates all the Universe. Let us live and transformed into something beautiful and noble!

 "Baba  dwells wherever man lets Him in, " 

"Let Him in! Let Him in! Let Him in!"