Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Give to Get Back

Give to Get Back

P.R. Avaste, a Judicial Officer of Indore and a devotee of Baba came during summer vacation with his wife and son to Shirdi. He was on his way to perform his son's marriage and kept with his son Rs.400/- and Rs.300/- with his wife. He was to get a good bridegroom (karini) for his son's marriage. When he came to Baba,


Baba to P.R. Avaste: Will you give me Dakshina?


P.R. Avaste: How much?


Baba: Rs. 30/-


Baba to P.R. Avaste's son: Will you give me Rs.40/-


Thus again and again Baba took away the whole fund with Mrs. PRA and her son – except Rs.30/-


Baba to P.R. Avaste: Will you give me Rs.30/-


P.R. Avaste: Shall I give it, Baba?


Baba: Yes.


Then with great pain at heart, Mr. Avaste took the last remaining Rs.30/- from his wife and paid to Baba.


Baba asked for nothing more.


As P.R. Avaste was dolefully returning from Baba, Bapu Saheb Jog exultingly patted him on the back.


Jog: I say I congratulate you. Baba has taken frequent Dakshina from you. You are lucky. Baba never takes except to give back tenfold.


P.R. Avaste: I do not know about that. I know that I have not got a pie remaining for going to the place of marriage.


Jog: How much do you want?


P.R. Avaste: Rs.100/-


Jog: Here it is. Baba has got a present of Rs. 6000/- from a Mumbai merchant who vowed he would pay 25% of his profits, if the news of loss of his goods proved false. Of that 6000, Baba has already spent 3000 in three days. If I tell him I gave you Rs.100/-, he will neither object nor call for The Rs.100/-, but as he has taken Rs.600 odd from you, I assure you that you will have a promotion by Rs.50/- per mensum now.


P.R. Avaste: I have no godfather to get me promotion.


But as stated by Jog, the promotion of Rs.50/- was given to Mr. P.R. Avaste as he learnt after the vacation ended.

(- from Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 237)