Sunday, October 12, 2014

Redefining Happiness

This is a must-read book by Dr. Swati Shiv - an author and spiritual healer. It presents several healing techniques which aim at healing the soul and raising it to a positive frequency necessary to be happy. The techniques have been taken from various disciplines like Reiki, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Spirit Release therapy, Life between Life therapy etc. One can use these techniques as per his/her individual need.

There are 24 techniques described in the book covering wide range of topics, such as, releasing negative energy, feeling happy within, staying away from negative situations or people, keeping the feelings positive, handling criticism, not blaming circumstances, not fueling or suppressing anger, using abstract imagination, breaks from computerized mind, energy rotation, unconventional decisions, erasing bad memories, inner child healing, talking silently, overcoming guilt, overcoming the grief of death, developing intuition, feeling betrayed in love, healing the trauma of abortion, reprogramming the mind, overcoming performance anxiety, learning from past mistakes etc.

The soul healing through these techniques would help one to be happier from the core of his/her being. 

Author of the book, Dr. Swati Shiv is a HAPPINESS CONSULTANT AND EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT therapist. She is a registered practitioner of alternate medicine. She practices spiritual healing, training and therapy by using Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression therapy and Life between Life therapies. In her practice, the body, mind and soul are treated as one single entity. Healing, and happiness, is achieved by synchronizing the goals of the body, mind and soul. Dr. Swati Shiv can be contacted through email