Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Baba Worried on Decay of Faith in those days

Baba Worried on Decay of Faith in those days

(This is still applicable in today's environment)


Baba: The times are degenerating. People mostly think ill and talk ill of others. But I do not retaliate, I do not care to listen to such talk.


People become more and more sceptical; they are disposed to look more at the evil side of things.


Fakirs also are seldom dispassionate.


It is hard to find a good fakir.


I have been considering long and thinking day and nights. All are thieves, but we have to deal with them. I pray to God night and day for their improvement or removal. but God delays and does not approve of the (i.e., my) attitude and grant the prayer. I will wait for a month or two and then see. But living or dead I will have what I have been praying for. I will not go to Teli or Vani nor beg of them. People are not good and devoted. They are unsettled in mind. A few friends will gather and talk divine wisdom, and sit and contemplate.


 (1918) People have got bad and give trouble . They are pestering me for money. More over they become shameless. Now I am disgusted.

(Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 152 - 154)