Wednesday, March 18, 2015




Baba (to S.B. Nachne): Have you taken your meal?


Nachne: This is an Ekadasi Day (which Nachne wanted to observe on that occasion, though not observing at home, because two of friends who had accompanied him were very orthodox and were observing it)


Baba: These two people are mad. You had better go and eat.


Nachne went to Bala Bhav's hotel; but Bala Bhav being orthodox, the meal was refused, as it was especially before Arati. So nachne returned with Bala Bhav to Mosque at Arati time.


Baba: (to nachne) Have you taken food?


Nachne: Baba, it is Arati time and meal can come after Arati time.


Baba: No. You go and take meal. Arati will wait for you.


So, Bala Bhav was forced to give Nachne his meal. After meal, Nachne and Bala Bhav returned to Dwaraka Mayee. Just then Mavusi brought and presented to Baba a number of bidas (i.e., rolled betal and nut).


Baba to nachne: Chew this.


Nachne took a bida; but hesitated, as it is not customary to chew bida on Ekadasi Day.


Baba: Never mind, Go on, Chew it.


And Nachne chewed it.


(- from Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 280)