Sunday, February 28, 2010




A woman suffered from severe rheumatic pains in the knee joints. No treatment was of any avail. The pain became unbearable. She sought the blessings of a holy man to help her out of her utter misery.


“Do you hold a grudge against anyone?” he asked her gently.


For a split second, she hesitated: then she answered, “My mind is seething with resentment against my own sister who did not behave properly towards me.”


The holy man said to her, “Your pain will disappear only when you forgive her and make peace with her.”


The woman found it very difficult to do so. However, with a tremendous effort of will, she went to meet her estranged sister; she hugged the astonished sister and said to her, “Let bygones be bygones. Let us begin anew!”


To her amazement, she found that soon thereafter, the pains disappeared completely!


We hold resentment against someone, we may not harm that person – but surely, we will harm ourselves!